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Superstar Lach (pronounced Lock) has been chosen for our Darling of the Day.  We’re told this handsome, sweet, bright boy made all A’s and B’s AND won the Music award for the first grade class this year. Nice job!!  He is also on the local swim team and won several first place ribbons this summer, making his family incredibly proud.

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Lilah at the park

Lilah in le•top Kaleidoscope pants and pink top at one of our recent park outings

I realized last night that my daughter and I would be changing our ‘after school’ routine of the past months.  I normally pick her up at daycare after work and head for the park to give the swings a little workout before heading home.  When I picked Lilah up around 6 pm last night she exclaimed ‘It’s dark!’  Indeed it was.  I had promised the park when I dropped her off at school, forgetting that the time had changed.  I could not keep my promise, since the park is not open after dark.  Luckily she understood that going to the park in the dark would not be much fun, and seemed to want to head towards our comfortable house as much as I did!

I love this time of year.  It makes me want to put some cider on the stove and snuggle up with my little girl and read a book.  Granted that is not what usually happens, since preparing dinner and doing the usual chores beckon.  Hopefully we can fit some of these cozy moments into our routine – bringing a different reward than the sunny days of swinging and climbing on the play structures.  “Once upon a time…”

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Kira Showing off her <I>Donation</I>

Kira Showing off her Donation

O. Henry’s famous story “The Gift of the Magi” teaches the lesson of selfless giving – of gifts from the heart.  Here at le•top we were able to witness one of our own ‘le•top children’ learning the value of an unselfish gift.

Robyn – our Assistant Credit Manager and mom to daughter Kira, age 9 – knows that at Kira’s very impressionable age she needs to teach her how to live a rewarding and fulfilling life.  Robyn is a great mom and tells us “I believe that encouraging and motivating children early in life is crucial. Kira really wanted to cut her hair at the beginning of summer, but after a long discussion about helping others in need of wigs she decided she just had to wait. We discussed that her hair would need to grow a bit longer so she could donate her ponytail to women or children who are suffering hair loss. Teaching her to give something of herself to those less fortunate is not only a selfless act but important to our society.”

It Made with a Little to Spare

She made it with more than an inch to spare.

Did you know it takes about 6 or 7 donated ponytails to make one wig? A wig can help an adult or child’s self-esteem when they are dealing with hair loss because of a medical treatment for illness.  Though there are a number of organizations that accept hair donations Robyn and Kira chose Pantene Beautiful Lengths, an organization encouraging individuals to donate a minimum of 8 inches of healthy hair that would then be used to make free wigs for women who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatments.

It was a struggle for Kira to grow her hair that long but when the time FINALLY came she was so excited!  She said that she was happy to have helped someone in need – and the bonus was that the new haircut looks really cute!

Listed below are a few other organizations that support similar donations. Each organization has slightly different requirements about the length and condition of the hair, but each one will send you a packet, then you send the hair back to them. Very Easy!


Basic requirements: hair must be 12 inches. (This organization provides wigs to children for no charge.)


Basic requirements: hair must be 10 inches. (This organization provides wigs either free of charge or on a sliding scale, based on financial need.)

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Go See Madness2

Hmmm, do we need a bigger office???

Although it seems as though the Fall 2009 photo shoot was just yesterday… another season’s photo shoot has come and gone! This amazing moment in time was for our Spring 2010 line. (Already spring you say?  We work well ahead of the ‘normal’ calendar!) Our model tryouts (in the biz known as a go-see) happened on July 9th. It was organized chaos with over 100 children turning out to smile and pose (a wonderful crowd!) and way too many adorable little ones – making it a very challenging series of decisions! The photo shoot for both Le Top and Rabbitmoon happened the second to last week of July. It was an exhausting week – but a fabulous success! Many thanks to everyone who assisted, especially the delightful kids! We can’t wait to share the Spring season’s collections and all the adorable photos with you but…it will have to wait. Sometimes it’s hard for us to keep track of what month, season and year we’re working on perfecting!  We are currently shipping Fall 2009 collections to our fabulous retailers, so take a gander at all the fabulous styles.

Tickle Stick

Out comes the infamous ‘tickle stick!

I think everyone wonders what happens ‘behind the scenes’ – here are a couple under-cover shots from the Le Top photo shoot.


Beware – baby ‘off’ board!

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