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Photo by: Dave Allocca/Startraks

Daughter of The Apprentice start Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, 29, is preggers! Hubby Jared Kushner are very excited and announced via Ivanka’s Twitter account this past Friday. What to give the parents who possibly own everything? We think this Le Top Baby ‘Petit Duckling’ gown with mitten cuffs would be perfect to take home her baby from the hospital.

Le Top Petit Duckling gown - click on for link

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Photo by: Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup

Actor Antonio Sabàto Jr. and his girlfriend, singer Cheryl Moana Marie, announced yesterday that they’re expecting a son in the spring.

They plan to name the baby Antonio Sabàto III after his father and grandfather — both actors — and one of his middle names will be Kamakanaalohamaikalani, which means “a beloved gift from the heavens.” (The other middle name is Harvey.) This Winter 2010 Le Top Baby plush carriage blanket from the “Puppy Park” collection would be perfect for the new baby to snuggle up to! 

Le Top Puppy Park carriage blanket

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Photo by: John P Iblis/JPI

With so many births and announcements in Hollywood, we didn’t get a chance to congratulate actor Owen Wilson and girlfriend Jade Duell on the birth of their son last week on January 14th in Hawaii. ALOHA! This Le Top Baby “Playtime Pups” blankie would be a great item to swaddle their new son in.

Le Top Playtime Pups blanket


Also last week, actress Alicia Silverstone announced she was pregnant! Silverstone, 34, is expecting her first child with husband Christopher Jarecki later this year. “I’ve been wanting to have a baby since I was 2 years old — I’m destined to be a mother,” Silverstone said in April. This Le Top Baby “Petit Duckling” gown with mitten cuffs would be a nice addition to the baby-to-be’s wardrobe.

Photo by: Dr. Billy Ingram/WireImage

Le Top Petit Duckling gown with mitten cuffs

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Photo by: Courtesy Kerr/Bloom Family

Son Flynn arrived January 6th weighing 9 lbs., 12 oz., model Miranda Kerr confirmed on her Kora Organics web site yesterday and added a photo of herself nursing “[her] beautiful little son.” She quoted, “I gave birth to him naturally; without any pain medication and it was a long, arduous and difficult labour, but Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it. I could not have done it without him. We are so happy and are enjoying our time together as a family. He is our little ray of sunshine. Thank you everyone for your beautiful well wishes and your lovely thoughts.” We think this Le Top pre-spring onesie footed coverall from our Playtime Pups collection would be adorable on him. 

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Confirmation on the Ellen DeGeneres show proved rumors right that singer/song writer Pink is going to be a mom!  Why didn’t she tell the public? She told Ellen, “I didn’t want to talk about it because I was just really nervous and I have had a miscarriage before.”  She also hinted that she thinks it might be a girl! Cheers to her and her biker husband, Carey Hart. We think our Le Top Baby “Purr-fect Baby” collection hoodie jacket would be so cute for her!

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We are happy to announce the grand opening of “Baby’s Perfect Gift” children’s boutique in Montclair, New Jersey.  Marcia and Ilene, store owners/founders/mommy gurus, give us the scoop on hot local trends, local activities for families and the top essentials for any new mom (that you can find at their new store!). Read more and enjoy!

1.      Where did the name Baby’s Perfect Gift come from? What was the inspiration behind the name?
Marcia & Ilene:
The most thoughtful shoppers are always looking for the “perfect gift” for special occasions. To us, a new baby seemed like the ultimate special occasion, thus the name Baby’s Perfect Gift!

2.      How did you pick the location of your new store? Describe the neighborhood where your store is located.
Marcia & Ilene:
Montclair is a very diverse town, with three major shopping areas. The uptown area, where our store is located, is predominately young urban families and therefore, seemed like a perfect location for us.

3.      What would you suggest as the top 5 essentials a new mom should by in your store?
Marcia & Ilene:  Every new mom should have a “Miracle Blanket”, a “ lovie,” burp cloths, a practical (but fashionable) diaper bag, and of course, layette essentials from Le Top Baby.

Store owners Ilene (middle left) and Marcia (middle right)

4. What are the best 3 local family activities to do in Montclair, New Jersey?
Marcia & Ilene:
There are numerous parks with awesome climbing equipment, kids programs at the Montclair Art Museum, and town sports activities.

5.      Tell us about the school lunches your mom or dad made for you when you were a kid? What would someone find inside your brown paper bag?
My mom hated making school lunches and it showed. I always made it a point to sit next to my friend whose parents owned a deli and always had delicious lunches. When I became “the mom,” I understood why she hated it so much, so I assigned the responsibility to my husband who is never tired of coming up with a variety of healthy and delicious lunches.

6.      What tip would you give to a parent dressing a child for fall and holiday? Any hot trends?
Marcia & Ilene:
Always pick outerwear that children will like to wear, and are able to take on and off on their own. A good fit allows a child room to move around, and the ability to layer underneath is also essential. A hot trend for both girls and boys appears to be leg warmers for the legs and arms. Also tutus of every size and color seem to be very much in demand!

7.      Do you plan on doing anything special for Halloween at your store?
Marcia & Ilene:
We do have a Halloween display in the store featuring baby’s “first Halloween” costumes bibs, etc., but unfortunately this year, Halloween falls on a day that the store is closed.

8.      What is your favorite memory of a costume you wore as a child?
As a child, the memory of the accumulating Halloween treats rivals any memory of actual costumes.

9.      What’s next on your agenda since the store is now open?
Marcia & Ilene:
We have a few! First, establishing ourselves as the “go to” store for the “perfect” gift or for all baby needs. Secondly, working to maintain an enticing inventory selection at various affordable price points. Lastly, to remain sensitive to our customers needs and purchase their shopping requests in order to continue to grow into a premier shopping location.

10.      What collection or piece from Le Top or Le Top Baby line or Rabbitmoon do you love from the Fall/Holiday 2010 collection?
Marcia & Ilene:
We love the Le Top boys “Take Flight” collection and the girls rabbitmoon “Savanna” collection for fall. 

Featured are rabbitmoon's shirt and pants from the "jet" collection. Le Top's "Take Flight" aviator jacket and cap. As well as a body suit and bib canvas overalls from the Le Top "guitar" collection.



Baby’s Perfect Gift
195 Bellevue Avenue
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043

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Oh Zap!  We are featuring the cutest children’s boutique in New Mexico today as our premier “Store Spotlight” – Zap…Oh! We can’t get enough of how wonderful the store owner is, her merchandise, and especially her insight into the local area’s family activities and sites to see! Enjoy!

Where did the name Zap…Oh! come from?
Charlisa: I was in Argentina and thinking about opening a kid’s clothing boutique.  A children’s clothing designer and I were tossing around words.  We were thinking about the trend toward fun, ugly things like the ugly dolls and thought of toads.  The word for toad in Spanish is sapo … so it just morphed into Zap…Oh! – The name also fit since you can imagine a child putting on an outfit from our store and ‘Zap’ (Shazam), they’re so cute…Ooh! Aah!

2.      Describe the neighborhood where your store is located.
Charlisa: Nob Hill is the fun, walking, shopping, dining destination area of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The University of New Mexico is just down the street, so it also has a bit of the college town feel.  Last year this area was designated a Main Street area by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. 

3.      What are the best 3 family activities to do in Albuquerque, NM? Or fun spots to see?
Charlisa: We have an amazing Bio Park with a world-class zoo, aquarium, and botanical gardens.  The Explora! Museum is another highlight where the kids love to play with the hands-on science activities.   The city has done an amazing job of creating a family, bike friendly city with parks and bike paths throughout. 

4.      Tell us about the school lunches your mom or dad made for you when you were a kid? What would someone find inside your brown paper bag?
Charlisa: Mom gave us 35 cents to buy our lunch.  Imagine 35 cents!!

5.      What tip would you give to a parent dressing a child for fall? Any hot trends?
Charlisa: Hats and scarves are what it’s all about, especially fedoras and skinny year ‘round scarves. 

6.      Do you do anything special for Halloween at your store?
Charlisa: This year we’re going to have a local children’s author be a Zombie Zookeeper releasing stuffed ZombieZoo critters.  Each has it’s unique personality, such as Stich the non-typical Pink Pig who is obsessed with hygiene and her treasured possession is hand-sanitizer.    These cool, soft-stuffed toys will be at Toy Fair in New York in January.

7.      You have been in business a few years now and survived the economic downturn – what do you think has kept your business so strong and sets you apart from other children’s stores?
Charlisa: Lots of luck, lots of repeat customers, and constantly changing our merchandise.  The thing we notice with the downturn is that people were still needing gifts, clothes, and shoes for their kids.  However, they couldn’t spend as much and needed each item to be perfect, so we saw more exchanges (we only do returns for store credit) and more indecision.  We just upped our customer service and understanding. 

8.      What is your best or most memorable moment in your store?
Charlisa: The very first customer insisted on buying something the day before we opened and she still comes back.  Her daughter is now too big for our shop, but it’s great to see her. 

9.      What collection or piece from Le Top or Le Top Baby line or Rabbitmoon do you love from the Fall/Holiday 2010 collection?
Charlisa: I’m a dog lover, so all the dog and puppy motifs are a hit with me!

103 Amherst Drive SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
(866) 473-9350

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Danica McKellar gave birth to son Draco Verta on Tuesday evening, September 7, confirmed McKellar’s rep to PEOPLE.  He weighed in at 7 lbs., 2 oz. McKellar, 35 is now a mathematician and author. She is married to composer Mike Verta.

“We are humbled, overjoyed and so grateful for this miraculous gift,” McKellar and her husband tell PEOPLE. “It’s like we’ve only now just learned the true meaning of love.”

Congratulations Danica and Mike. It’s Wonder ful news! Check out our Le Top baby collections for the latest fall must-haves.

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Paddycake…Paddycake…Baker’s man…HOLD the nursery rhyme song and check out this week’s “Store Spotlight” with Chocolate Pattie Boutique in Rockford, Illinois.  Pattie Crichton-Hill, owner of Chocolate Pattie Boutique, gives us an insider peek of pictures of her as a child and hand-me-downs, the importance of “making it your own” in the children’s industry, and her special baby due date calendar.

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1.      Have you always been interested in entering the children’s business?
Pattie: I studied mechanical engineering and have always loved math and art…life has taught me to keep an open mind to new opportunities that may not be part of the original plan.

2.      Are you a Rockford, Illinois native? Describe the neighborhood your store is in for us.
Pattie: I grew up in Rockford and went to southern California for college. After 11 years in So Cal, I moved home to be near my parents again. Chocolate Pattie is in a quaint neighborhood with a wonderful reputation and no big box stores. Many customers are thrilled when they don’t have to go to the mall.

3.      What type of clothing did you wear growing up as kid? What tip would you give to a parent dressing a child? Do you have a picture of you as a kid you can share with us?
Pattie: I am the 4th girl in my family. My dad had 5 sisters, 4 daughters, 4 granddaughters…and then I broke the streak when I had my son. My mom told me at one point I would not wear anything new (the hand-me-downs must have been very comfortable). If she could see me now surrounded by beautiful new children’s clothing! As a parent, I believe children crave structure…a choice between 2 outfits should be enough responsibility at any age.

Pattie as a child

4.      What is 1 tip you would give a parent on how to update your child’s wardrobe this summer?
Hats are always fun and protect their young skin. Bracelets seem to be popular this year also.

5.      What is one fact about your store that a typical customer wouldn’t know?
Pattie: Shortly after opening the store, I was stunned at how many customers took me into their lives with their joys and sorrows. I write on my calendar when babies are due and quietly worry with them.

6.       Between all of the social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, and more – what do you think about social networking and how it allows moms and dads to join cyber parenting communities where they can meet, gain knowledge, as well as get recommendations and support.
Pattie: I am impressed with the new generation who researches issues such as cloth diapers and then decide what will fit with their family’s lifestyle.

7.      What sets you apart as a successful children’s store?
I listen carefully to my customers and do my homework on how brands vary. Customers realize I am in the store 95% of the time. When I shop, l tend to run from pushy sales people so I am constantly aware of my words so I do not push. For me, it is not all about making a sale.

8.      If you had one piece of advice for someone entering children’s retail today, what would it be?
Pattie: Make it your own because it won’t last long mimicking another business.

9.      You probably have seen hundreds of mommies and daddies come through your store and hear them speaking with their children – what is the funniest or sweetest thing you have heard come out of a child’s mouth recently?
Pattie: Many children think my name is Chocolate Pattie, not Pattie. I love to hear family members tell me the child asked to go to Chocolate Pattie to play. The play area makes everyone more comfortable and occasionally I get to play!

10.  What is your best or most memorable moment in your store?
Pattie: I am honored each time someone tells me their child or grandchild wore a Chocolate Pattie outfit for their milestone picture. I take pride knowing I choose every clothing and accessory line for my store. It makes me smile knowing those pictures will be around for a very long time.

11.  What collection or piece from Le Top or Le Top Baby line do you love from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection?
Pattie: Daisy Duck Group – just when I think Le Top can not design another cute duck line, you do…

Chocolate Pattie Boutique
1676 North Alpine Road
Rockford, IL 61107-1415

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Baby Samantha couldn’t be more precious in this day dress from Le Top Baby’s Spring 2010 Cherie Collection. She’s absolutely angelic!

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