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This little outdoorsman, Benjamin (22 months-old), is today’s Darling. He jumps at the chance to go on walks scouting for deer, birds, and other wild creatures. Playing with Play-Doh, and watching Oswald and Toy Story 3 (it has to be 3!) are some other things this handsome boy loves. Thanks mom for sharing his photo. Congrats to Benjamin on being crowned the Le Top Darling of the Day!

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This handsome boy, Dylan (5 1/2-years-old), currently resides in the Lone Star State of Texas. He looks like he thrives on excitement so I envision him loving the Le Top fall 2011 “Vroom” collection. Congratulations on starting Kindergarten this month – talk about an adventure. It’s easy to see why Dylan has been chosen as our Le Top Darling of the Day!

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Sweet Ella having a spa day!

For all you papparazzo mommies, daddies, and parentals out there, we will now post a Darling of the Day every Thursday (well, unless it’s Thanksgiving) on our blog roll instead of the separate tab that was formerly on our blog page.  We hated to see our cuties come and go each day, and want your snapshots to have a more permanent place in our heart (and blog archive).  Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner.  We would love to see and feature your munchkins each week, whether they are a little one of your own, a friend’s or that cute kid you see on the street!

Here are a few pointers from the snap happy photographers of le·top:

1.  Be spontaneous!  Candids rock, there is nothing like taking an unannounced action shot – It’s a great way to capture a child’s personality.

2.  Looking for that million-dollar smile?  Telling jokes can be a good way to get the perfect unexpected smile.

3.  Get low!  If you find yourself always standing up and shooting downward, get on the floor at their level – experimenting with angles can be fun.

Now snap to it and send us your photos of your wee little babes.

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I can't believe I won!

I can't believe I won a Secret Contest!

We have another Secret Contest winner!

Marc C. (from Boston, MA) submitted a photo of his son for the Daily Darling page of our blog. This adorable photo got over 100 HITS IN A DAY! In fact, we love this picture so much that we use it for our “le•top Takes: Out of the Mouths of Babes” quotes.

Congratulations, little guy! THANK YOU, Marc, for reading and participating!

We have many on-going Secret Contests for different prizes. You’ll never know what the contest is (it’s a secret!), but staying involved and particiating will reveal them one by one. It could be for submitting photos, sharing a story, recipe or funny quote, or maybe…just for commenting. So, keep coming back and sharing with le•top blog because you might win just for letting us know you’re out there! Stay tuned to see what Marc won. It might be something really special from the le•top Spring 09 Collection.

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