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No, no, no, Paulo!

le•top baby: Toy Pony overalls from 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

Barely six months and my little guy has already started to crawl. Now he’s getting into everything! I cannot leave him for one second because if I do, I will find him playing with something other than his toys. His current favorites are: shoes, newspapers and electrical cords. Ugh! I miss the days when I can lay him on his blanket and know he’s not going to roll over anywhere.

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Giselle P. born May 17th, 2009 is wrapped in our Le Top baby pink blanket and dreaming about her Great Uncle's wonderful cooking...

Ok, so here is the scoop on the newest addition to Le top’s extended family! Daryle, our Warehouse Manager, and Judy, our Tagging Manager are siblings, and their niece Alicia (with her husband, Willy) became proud new parents to their first child, Giselle. The funny story that goes along with Giselle’s birth is that Alicia had gone over to Daryle’s house for a BBQ (he’s a great cook) the day Alicia went into labor. Two hours after she left his house, Giselle was born. They attribute her being so quick to come out into the world to Daryle’s cooking and because of her wanting to get some of that great cooking for herself! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Giselle!

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stjudestoreNear the St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton is a little boutique called Mother-Baby Boutique inside the St. Jude Wellness Center. I found this store using le•top’s store locator. Unfortunately, when my husband and I got there, the store was closed. But that didn’t stop me from peeking through the windows. The store is similar to gift shops you would find at the lobby of a hospital, but much smaller. They carry only a select few items, but what they sell are premium products, such as the Parent Award Winning Miracle Blanket and specialty clothes for mommy and baby, such as le•top and other designer brands. (I swear I spied le•top baby’s Pretty Primrose receiving blankets rolled up and tied with fancy bows displayed in their wicker baskets!)


This little boutique is located in the perfect area: 1901 Sunnycrest Dr., Mother-Baby Boutique, Fullerton, CA 92835. It’s near the St. Jude Medical Center on Harbor Blvd., where if you were visiting a friend who may have recently given birth, you could pop in the Mother-Baby Boutique and purchase a le•top baby gift for their newborn!


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Marykate and I thought it would be fun to share this great little “inspiration” story! Once upon a time there was a pony named “Spot”. Marykate had discovered him while driving to the office one day. He was a teeny tiny little thing, standing close to his mommy, and gazing at the road with his big brown eyes, all the while batting his long eyelashes at passersby. He was absolutely precious. And thus the “Pony Named Spot” le•top baby group (Fall 08) was born. You can never tell where the designer will find her inspiration, or in this case, her pony named Spot!

Design board for le•top baby Pony Collection, Fall 08

Design board: concepts to final product for le•top baby Pony Named Spot Collection, Fall 08

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Debbie Gerver-Locollie, second generation owner of Lullaby Lane in San Bruno, CA

Debbie Geverz-Locolli, second generation owner of Lullaby Lane in San Bruno, CA

Some of you might have noticed that we’ve been a little light on posts on le•top blog lately. That’s because we’ve been devoting a lot of time updating the Le Top Website for the Spring 09 Collection and trying out some changes there (and sorry I’ve been a little late with the update, Chris!). The most noticeable change is to our Le Top Baby Web page. Please go have a look and tell us what you think! Anna, our design manager, and Elena, one of our Le Top baby designers, went on an impromptu photo shoot for a little something different for our Le Top baby page. They went to San Bruno, CA-based and family-owned Lullaby Lane, which was filled with customers that busy President’s Day. Although extremely busy, co-owner Debbie Geverz-Locolli and her team kindly welcomed Le Top to use the store as the set for a few Le Top baby photograph try-outs. Debbie is the second generation to operate amazing, one-stop shop Lullaby Lane Baby and Kid’s Superstore. Debbie’s mom, Rosalie, who is the original owner, was also in the store that day providing her expertise. You can also shop Lullaby Lane online and whether you visit them or contact them by mail, phone, fax or email, the care they take with their customers is always very personal and attentive. Their superstore not only carries everything you want for baby and kids, they also have informative events, great sales and the very best in customer service.
We want to thank everyone at Lullaby Lane for their help and great welcome, and I thank Anna and Elena for their great effort with the new Le Top baby photos on the updated Le Top Spring 09 Website!
548904 lulluaby lane

Visit Lullaby Lane at 556 San Mateo Avenue • San Bruno, CA 94066 (or click on the photo to visit them online). Phone: (800) 588-7644

Just a "small" section of Lullaby Lane Baby and Kid's Superstore!

Just a "small" section of Lullaby Lane Baby and Kid's Superstore!

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le•top baby: 12x14 soft soft security blanket in Pink and White

le•top baby: 12 x 14 soft soft security blanket in Pink and White

Nadine’s Magic Blanket email from her mom started us thinking about a fun giveaway contest. Do you have your own “blankie” stories? Whether it’s a story like Kristin’s two roommates coming to college with their childhood blankies, or Nadine’s Magic Blanket, we’d love to hear about them, so please share! We’re giving away sets of two little blankets (an heir and a spare) from le•top baby. We make them intentionally little with “security blanket” needs in mind…soft, warm and comforting, but durable and perfectly sized…that way, it doesn’t get dragged around on the ground so much, and it doesn’t take up so much space! Tell us your “blankie” stories and you might win a soft new set! Click here to share.

le•top baby: 12x14 soft soft security blanket in Yellow and Blue

le•top baby: 12 x 14 soft soft security blanket in Yellow and Blue

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duogiftsMy baby shower is approaching, and I’m giddy with excitement! Last night, as my husband was checking the doors to get ready for bed, he opened the front door to discover two boxes. I love finding packages at the front door, especially when they’re addressed to ME. It wasn’t my birthday, so I realized that baby shower presents must be arriving by mail.

I ripped open the big box first. Inside were a few of the items from my baby registry: bibs, car seat protector, and a baby sling. SCORE! I appreciate friends and family who purchase off the registry list because those are the things that we need. (more…)

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