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Go Home...!

Go Home...!

Submitted by: Kristin

This isn’t a first reaction finding out about a pregnancy, but this story immediately came to mind when I read one of our blog series’ title — “I’m Pregnant!: First Reaction”: You know those times when you say what comes to mind first, without thinking?! When I was born, my poor mom was two weeks late, went through 28 hours of labor and 3 doses of petosin, just for the doctors to finally decide I was not going to come out “naturally”. So when they finally had me out, and in my dad’s arms (while they were mending mom), my mom says, sweet and serenely: “What does she look like, Mike?” and my dad casually answers: “Like E.T.

The nurses all turned around and looked at my dad with death wishes!  To this day, that is still my dad’s very favorite story to tell about me, it beats out, hands down, the sunroof incident, the direction-impaired incident and the book-throwing incident. But we will save those stories for another time…

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