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Our mountain of diapers

Each week that goes by, I get a little more anxious and more aware of just how unprepared I am for this child! I have no furniture, except for a pack-n-play. All the baby things that I have received are stacked in my living room and my house is a disaster (no, I will not show you a picture of that! Haha). I recently received a whole bunch of diapers in different sizes from newborn to size three. I was feeling pretty good about being stocked at least for the one important thing – The Diaper Changing Marathon. Then I started to panic – do I have enough diapers?! I mean, I feel like I have a million here, but what is enough and what is too much, and what am to do about all this! AHHHHH!!!!

So I calmed myself down by talking to myself and breathing – in for three 1-2-3….out to five 1-2-3-4-5 and hopped onto Google.com to research, as any person (with two cents living in the 21st Century) would do. I Googled – how many diapers do you need in the first week?  Ah- Ha! Bingo! 

How many Diapers Will your Baby use is the First Year?

age diaper changes
per day
number of
0-1 mo 10-12 320 $64.00
1-5 mo 8-10 870 $174.00
5-9 mo 8 870 $174.00
9-12 mo 8 728 $145.60
Total 8-12 2,788 $557.60

After reading this information, and re-confirming it on some Yahoo! Answers forums that I found, I felt pretty relieved. I think that I am fairly prepared in the diaper realm of mommyhood and ready for the marathon. Thank you Kidsgrowth.com, you really put my mind at ease. At least that is one thing I can check off my list. Now for the furniture….only four weeks left until D-Day!

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