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Holiday Window Display Prize for Store Owner of Photo Contest

Store Owner Prize for Holiday Window Display

As you scoop up those after-Christmas bargains at your favorite store carrying le•top baby and children’s clothes, take a snapshot of their holiday display window and enter our photo contest! Just give us your name, the name of the store, and the city the store is located when you submit your photo. Last day for entries is January 4th. The winning photo will be announced on Monday, January 5th. If your photo is chosen by our judges, you win a $20 Starbuck’s gift card, and the store wins this gift basket (retail value $260). The store might use this to do their own giveaway contest…so you might win twice! Having trouble finding a store near you? Locate one by going to the le•top store locator. Submit your photo by clicking here.

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med_picI’ve been on my new nutritional plan for my gestational diabetes for five days now. And guess what? My glucose levels are still a bit high. The diet alone isn’t working, so my nutritionist and perinatologist want to see me NOW – as in, before Christmas – because they see this as an “urgent matter!” This doctor’s appointment is a total bummer and has added more stress to my already stressful holiday week (running around in circles, anyone?). (more…)

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As I was reading Erin’s post about her very cool “A Christmas Story” ornament, I can’t help but want one for my tree because that movie is a classic! And I LOVE that photo of Randy cleaning up his plate. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy that movie. It is my absolute favorite and have to watch it every year.

Answer our poll and tell us what your favorite holiday movie is.

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stoneridge_20081112_000128Last week I took my daughter to see Santa Claus at the mall and get our annual photo. This is the first year she talked his ear off about how we had to go to different stores, and try on different dresses, and how she had to find the perfect dress to wear with her red, sparkly shoes. I never thought she had an obsession with fashion.

Every year, Santa asks the same ol’ question, “What would you like for Christmas?” This year my daughter animatedly and excitedly said, “CLOTHES!” And she was very specific, too. She wants play clothes: t-shirts, pants, socks, camisoles, etc. How many 4-year olds ask for clothes? (I swear, that Santa gave me the stink eye and looked at me as if I made my daughter say clothes.)

So tell us, what are your kids asking for this Christmas?

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