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Last weekend was beautiful here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since the feeling of spring was in the air my daughter and I went to our local retailer for a few outdoor supplies. We arrived home and set everything up in anticipation of some friends coming over.

When they arrived there was a Slip‘n Slide, a couple of Hippity Hops and other toys for the kids, as well as plenty of snacks and refreshments for us all. I’m so happy it was a hot day because the kids played in that Slip’n Slide for over 4 hours. We would make them temporarily stop when their lips turned blue and they were shivering but minutes later they would be back at it. This time of year always brings me back to my childhood and now I get to create those memories for my little one.

Happy spring!

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This weekend my daughter Lilah and I were browsing through the selections offered by our local retailer, in a quest to find the perfect birthday gift for her fellow three year old.  We turned a corner and I saw a Hoppity Ball. “A Hippity Hop!” I exclaimed, startling near by customers.  Childhood memories came flooding back.

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