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No, I did not say that!

I feel sad for the turkey, but I feel happy eating it.”

– Miranda, age 7

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Pregnant and happy at Disneyland!

Pregnant and happy at Disneyland!

Gone are the days when I was the happiest, symptom-free pregnant woman in California. The honeymoon is over!

  • The leg cramps have arrived with a vengeance, and disturbs my heavenly slumber.
  • I can’t bend down as easily anymore. I can’t soap my legs in the shower. I can’t apply lotion to my legs. I can’t pick up anything that I’ve clumsily dropped. And forget about putting on boots… Arrgghh!
  • Rolling over in bed is WORK! And to top it off, my pajamas get all twisted so that the seam of my pants are on the sides of my body. How comfortable is that?!
  • And the worst of it is… Every time I sneeze, I pee my pants! I hate it when that happens because although I just peed five minutes ago, you’d think my bladder would be empty. But NOOOOOOO… apparently, sneezing will make sure you get every last drop out. (I know… Too Much Information but you fellow mothers and mothers-to-be know what I’m talking about.)

I’ll stop complaining now. Three more months to go. I don’t know whether I want them to go by fast or slow. Fast, so I can have my body back AND eat sweets again. Slow, because I’m not quite ready to have a newborn yet.

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