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I just got back from vacation with my fiancé’s family who has two nieces that are 4 and 2-years-old…their eye contact and non-verbal, as well as verbal skills are off the charts. I was observing my sister-in-law to be, and noticed how amazing her eye contact is with the kids and agree with her that appropriate eye contact plays an important role in non-verbal communication with kids. 

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Miranda and me flying a kite

One of our "Mommy & Daughter" days: Flying a kite

One of our readers, Emmy, commented in a previous entry, “….as much as I was excited with my new addition to the family, I was overcome with a touch of sadness that my uninterrupted one-on-one time with my first-born daughter would come to an end.” I’ve heard similar stories from my mommy friends about how the closer they got to the end of their second pregnancy, the more guilt they felt. The thought of having to split their time with another child, or worse yet, spending almost all of their time with a newborn, has taken a toll on their emotions. I remember one of my friends, Kim, bursting into tears as she was telling me this. Back then, I thought she was just hormonal and overreacting. Now, I know EXACTLY how she felt! (more…)

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