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Increasingly, schools are buying up yoga mats the way they once stocked up on dodgeballs. Kids’ yoga is a hot commodity — instructional books and videos aimed at little ones line store shelves. Though statistics aren’t yet available, many believe that many schools nationwide have already incorporated yoga into their curriculum, benefiting hundreds of students. And it’s not just for “big kids” — many preschool programs offer classes for the youngest yogis. Yoga teaches children relaxation while improving coordination and self-esteem. Yoga crafts incorporate elements of the practice into a creative activity. The craft projects enhance a child’s enjoyment of yoga practice, whether she does it regularly or only occasionally. The yoga craft projects are best for children ages 5 and older who are able to handle the craft materials.

Yoga teaches kids ‘alert tranquility.’ The children are relaxed, but not dull, because they concentrate. 🙂

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