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Here at Le Top, our Warehouse Manager Daryle made a bet with his oldest daughter Kiyera (16). Normally, Daryle loves his bald head, but decided it was time to show his love for the Giants…and his daughter.

He started growing his hair during the NLCS playoffs when the Giants clinched the division on October 3rd. He vowed not to cut it until the season was over. The moment the closing pitch landed in the Buster Posey’s glove to seal the divison title, Daryle told Kiyera that if the Giants win the World Series, she could shave his hair any way she wanted and that he would wear it that way for a day!! Well, you know the Giants won the World Series!! Go GIANTS!! Kiyera wasted no time after the game. With spectators in towe, she dragged Daryle into the bathroom to shave his head. Check out her masterpiece below! I think Daryle may be keeping this style for a while to show off how proud he is of Kiyera, and it looks pretty good on him!


Photos and story courtesy of Marilyn in our Customer Care Department.

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For those of you who may not know Le Top is located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.  Things are pretty exciting around here right now – our home team is in the World Series!  Today was “Giants Day” in the office – with an explosion of Orange and Black clothing – Orange Cupcakes and Cookies and the low hum of dedicated sports fans discussing the series.  We snapped some photos – so the world will know where we stand:


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