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Kid’s not cooperating at the dinner table?  Not eating or just being disruptive??

Karen, the ‘Right Hand of Le Top’ and mother of 2 boys has this helpful tip to share.

“Take a moment and ask everyone at the table to hold hands with the person sitting next to you so that everyone is holding hands. Start singing a song that is comforting, silly or a favorite of someone at the table. Everyone swings their hands back and forth to the beat and when done with the song, suggest that it is now time to eat.

This was very helpful at our house with 2 small boys – we usually chose a song that was kid-friendly whether it was Barney, the Wiggles, London Bridges or any other favorite of the day! It was a short song, but long enough that it got the wiggles out of the boys and then we were able to again re-focus on dinner. It also brought the boys into the conversation at the table, which sometimes was overwhelming when all of the ‘big’ people were talking about their day and the ‘little’ guys were feeling overlooked.”

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