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photo courtesy of http://www.doggles.com

Riley – one of le•top’s “puppy crew” – is growing up!  His ‘mommy’ Marilyn, one of our extraordinary employees, fostered him when he was just a wee little pup. She fell so hard for him that she just couldn’t send him out for adoption… and, to be quite honest, we admit to nudging her to keep him!   He was a 9 pound pup when he first came to our office in January, and now, at 8 months young he is weighing in at 60 pounds!!! 

Riley GogglesMarilyn is a volunteer at the Martinez Animal Shelter and has made a troop of great friends (both the four- and two- legged variety!)  Marilyn told her shelter manager Cindy how Riley loves to ‘swim’ and run through tall prickly grass.  On one of these “field trips” Riley ended up with foxtails stuck around his eyes!  Cindy received a pair of Doggles  (doggy goggles) as a donation to the shelter and immediately thought of Riley!

Marilyn captured a photo at home of Riley wearing his new shades and brought it in to share with us.  We thought you would love a ‘puppy chuckle’ seeing this wacky picture of Riley in his Doggles!

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