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This version of a classic carnival game also makes a fun and great Halloween kids’ activity with bursting confetti-and-candy-filled balloons. This Halloween game is good for a home party or even the classroom – it is sure to make everyone “explode” with laughter and glee.


  • 4-by-5 1/2-foot piece of foam board (buy it at your local craft store)
  • 2 yards of burlap or other fabric
  • Duct tape
  • Thirty-five 12-inch orange balloons
  • Confetti
  • Candy (small, thin types work best)
  • Pump, for balloons (optional), joann.com
  • T pins
  • Green construction paper
  • Pushpins (or darts for bigger kids)



1. Cover foam board with burlap; secure in back with duct tape. Place flat on the ground (living room or a spacious area)

2. Fill balloons with confetti (using a funnel) and candy. Leave a few treat-free to add to the suspense.

3. Inflate the balloons (a pump makes it faster); tie off with a knot. Attach balloons to board with T pins, in a pumpkin shape. Make sure to push the T pins all the way in so that there are no “poking” accidents when your child sits on the balloon.

4. Cut a stem shape from green construction paper, and secure with T pins.

5. Put on a fun Halloween song like the “Monster Mash” and have the kids dance to the music – when the music stops, have them sit on the balloons to make them pop! Challenge the kids to pop all of the balloons by the end of the song.


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