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At 34 weeks, I am finally getting to the end of what has been, so far, a fantastic first pregnancy! It’s been a long, but easy road and I know the real “hard part” is coming up quickly. 

A very pregnant Kristin standing in front of our Le Top spring and fall 2011 collections

At my doctor’s suggestion, I signed my husband and me up for a four week long Childbirth Preparation class. With my first pregnancy comes a lot of apprehension about the whole birthing process. It doesn’t matter how many people I have talked to about this subject, I know that I can’t go into this based on other people’s experiences and advice alone. After all, I am one of those “prepared” people who has to know what is going on…or at least what is supposed to happen.

I walked in to our first class on Tuesday night, slightly dragging my husband along since he was somewhat reluctant to attend because he said we could learn everything on YouTube! Can you believe that!? Let’s just say that by the time our class was over, my husband had realized that YouTube, may not be the best teacher of childbirth. The benefits, even from the first class, have helped ease my mind a bit. Some of the key things I took away were:

  • Stages of labor – understanding what my body would be going through and the duration of each stage in the big picture.
  • Defining the terms I had heard so much about, and had not much of a clue as to what they actually meant. Things like “effacing” and “dilating”.
  • Pregnancy discomforts – we all share the most common ones (Yay! I am not the only one who has started snoring at night!)
  • Pain Management – how to relax

I am really looking forward to the upcoming classes, as I know that my anxiety about this part of the pregnancy should continue to decrease as my knowledge increases.

…Now where did I put that pint of ice cream?

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If you have been following our blog for a while, you probably know that I am pregnant with my first baby.  With this comes a lot of other “firsts.” It has been a fun and an easy-going process so far, though nothing short of just that, a process. I have learned a whole lot these past six months about myself, and even more about my baby. New discoveries are around every corner, and come with the dawn of each new day. 

Our little man, whom we have agreed to call Elijah, has been making big headway in his development. At each doctor’s visit, they tell me that, “He is very ‘active’.” Let me tell you, I couldn’t agree with them more! This kid is a mover! He flips, he flops, he kicks, he flutters, he pokes and it seems he even hiccups.

I think that there have already been and will continue to be some very memorable (mostly good- memorable) moments in my pregnancy. I was sharing this thought with one of my favorite customers, Pattie Hill from Chocolate Pattie in Rockford, IL the other day and she shared a precious moment that she had while she was pregnant with her own daughter. I thought, “Wow! I hope I have a moment like that too.” Here is what she said:

I couldn’t wait to see the feet on my babies… my daughter was thinking, even back then…she would stretch and I would try to tap her foot…she would stop and then do it again…so I would tap… :)”

How neat is that?!  Do you have any memorable moments from your pregnancy? Please share them with us.

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This week I was sitting in a meeting here at Le Top when suddenly I felt something different! Was it just a gas bubble in my tummy or was it the baby moving?! Well it is safe to say at 4.5 months along, it was definitely the baby moving! I read about this feeling in one of my books last week – the gas bubbles or gurgley stomach movements – are usually the baby moving around in there. Since reading  this, I have been really vigilant when I feel something and stop to assess it. Not only did it happen then, but when I went to the dentist later on that day it happened twice while I was in the chair! Though, this time it felt more like something dragging along the front of my stomach.

Then today while I was sitting at my desk I started to feel it again, unlike the dragging at the dentist office, it felt almost like Thumbelina (or Tom Thumb) was doing a flip-flop. I can hardly wait for a real “Mommy I’m HEEEEERRRREEEEE” kick! Ha ha! My husband’s face just lit up when I told him about the movements, like it was the coolest thing ever – which it is pretty close to!

I hit another milestone this past week; it was the ability to rest my hands on this little belly. I was sitting on the couch Saturday night watching a movie, when my husband looks over at me and says “you look so cute!” I looked down and without even thinking about it, my hands were resting atop my bump! I think I like this new place for my hands!

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The first week that I realized I was pregnant, it wasn’t a big shock.  My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for several months, and finally KABOOM! The test read positive….twice!  The first test we took, I knew something was different.  This faint vertical line was starting to appear. I rocked the stick back and forth, looked up at my husband (Aaron) and said, “I think we are pregnant! This doesn’t look like it normally does…” Sure enough, as the seconds ticked away, the vertical line was now making a “plus” sign that was getting darker and darker.  Aaron wasn’t convinced.  He thought it was too light and too indecisive.  Luckily a few weeks back I had bought a digital test for this exact reason. One of my good friends in Florida had called to tell me she was pregnant! Hooray! She said that her husband didn’t believe the faint lines and made her go get the digital test, then he was convinced.

When our digital test read out “P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T” we both got a big smile on our faces and embraced.  Finally! What we have been waiting for!  

The best part of this story is this: The whole reason we decided to take the test that night was because Aaron’s dad’s birthday was that day. He has wanted grandkids from the day we got married, and has never stopped asking. His mom even promised to handle day care for me if I had a baby by the time she was 53 (she turns 53 this October- do you think I could convince her to still do day care even if it’s a few months late? She’d still be in her 53rd year…!). So I thought, ‘Well wouldn’t that be a great birthday present?’ And sure enough it was!

We had a family birthday party a few days later, and managed to keep it a secret until then, which wasn’t an easy task! We had to wait until the end of the night for the big reveal. Aaron and I had gone out to a local bookstore and picked up four books for his dad’s birthday present: 

The Grandparents Handbook by Elizabeth LaBan

Books by Mercer Mayer

Just, Grandpa and Me, Just Grandma and Me and Bye-Bye, Mom and Dad all by Mercer Mayer .

When Aaron’s dad opened them the first thing he said was “Is this supposed to be a hint? Is there congratulations due?!” “Yes there is!” we said. And the whole family erupted in shouts of joy – all 7 siblings, two parents, a girlfriend of one of the brothers and three close friends.

Then it began….the art of telling, and NOT telling people that we were pregnant!

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source: www.radaronline.com/ photo: Getty Images/WireImage

photo: Getty Images/WireImage

27 year actress Leelee Sobieski, nominated for an Emmy for her performance in the mini-series Joan of Arc (1999), and her fashion designer fiancé, Adam Kimmel, are expecting their first baby.  A representative of Leelee’s has confirmed the news and also said that the couple is “thrilled” to welcome their first child in December.

Leelee is experiencing plenty of cravings with this first pregnancy and has a theory – “I think I like eating what little kids eat,” Sobieski told PEOPLE at the season opening of the Metropolitan Opera on Monday in New York City.  Chowing down frequently on macaroni and cheese, Sobieski, 27, says that she is preparing for the baby by doing two things: relaxing and eating lots of ice cream.

Leelee appeared in this summer’s Public Enemies (alongside Johnny Depp), modeled for her fiancés Fall/Winter 2009 look book, and will be starring in the indie drama Mad Cow opposite Arrested Development‘s Jeffrey Tambor.

All of us at le•top wish you congratulations on your upcoming new addition! We love ice cream too!

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I was reading a blog entry about Maya Rudolph gaining 70 pounds with her first pregnancy. And I’m thinking, “OMG! That’s a lot of weight.” But I don’t think it’s completely out of the ordinary. A lot of my mommy friends gained around 50 pounds, and some up to 100 pounds. And these women are small and petite.

When I was pregnant (both times), my doctor suggested that I gain no more than 25 pounds. The first time around, I said, “Sure, no problem.” But as the pregnancy progressed, my total weight gain was around 35-40 pounds. It wasn’t like I pigged out on everything, nor was I “eating for two.” But I definitely couldn’t control my weight gain. With my second pregnancy (since I had gestational diabetes), I was put on a low-carb, no sugar diet, and I followed this diet to a T for the health and well-being of my unborn child. Trust me. It was HARD not to give in to my cravings. Yet, I still gained about 30 pounds. My point is, whether I followed a nutritional diet or not, I still gained over the recommended 25 pounds.

Just out of curiosity, how much weight did you gain?

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Mama Sandy being a clever and sneaky nail trimmer with a napping Henry Mantu

Mama Sandy being a clever and sneaky nail trimmer with a napping Henry Mantu

Seeing this photo reminded me of the first time I visited one of my closest friends, Dawn, after she had her first child, a daughter. We’ve been friends since we were barely teenagers, so to see her as a newly minted mom was a very different experience. I think they’d only had their daughter home for about 6 week when I visited. While her husband was with the baby, Dawn and I were taking a little break, trying to catch up a bit on our own (like old times!). Well, not much time had passed, when we heard a blood-curdling cry. Of course we both rushed over and found her husband looking sheepish, anguished and horrified by what he’d done. While trimming the baby’s fingernails, he had nicked a tiny bit of skin. Oooh, agh…we know how much the tiniest paper cut hurts…I couldn’t imagine the pain this little baby was feeling on tender baby skin! I’m sure her parents were thinking the same thing. Even though we all knew it’d heal, and that she’d stop crying eventually, logic wasn’t really going to help that day, not with the amount of guilt and remorse in that room!

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submitted by Candice B. of her last daughter's nursery.

submitted by Candice B. of her last daughter's nursery. I love this contemporary and inviting space!

We had a little story awhile back about Kristin’s friend, Erin T., who was quite dubious regarding the whole “nesting phase” phenomenon during pregnancy. That is, until she became pregnant with her first child and experienced it first hand! Shortly after Erin T.’s baby girl (Emma Grace) was born, we had a follow up to show the nursery wrought by Erin’s nesting instincts…and her husband’s great painting skills! Not having been in too many nurseries, I thought their pink and brown theme was original and modern…two words I didn’t think I’d ever apply to describing a nursery! Shortly after we ran that little feature, a reader sent us a photo of her daughter’s room. I was once again impressed at the imaginative and, clearly, loving attention to detail and care that Candice put into her nursery! Attention to detail, loving care, creativity and imagination…yup…we definitely appreciate all those qualities, and more, here at le•top and rabbit moon, where we try to bring that through in all we do!

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Sara at 36 weeks

Sara at 36 weeks, healthy and happy!

We recently had a “Dear le•top” question about weight gain during pregnancy. One of our readers (and my good friend), Sara, wrote an insightful comment about her experience. Sara is now 36 weeks into her pregnancy with her first baby — a girl! (though no names have been discussed, I am rooting for my name! LOL!). Sara has not gained a lot of weight with her pregnancy despite her very healthy appetite, so she’s had to deal with a fair amount of other people’s anxieties and opinions about her weight gain (or lack thereof). I’ve read about how, once a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes everyone’s “friend”– as if there’s an invisible sign inviting everyone (even strangers) to talk about pregnancy stories, birthing and labor stories (especially the horrific ones), opinions, too-personal questions and belly pats! It seems to come with the territory of being pregnant.

Sara’s had a great pregnancy by all acounts, and even though her baby is playing games and doing cartwheels and flips, Sara’s taking it all in stride and just enjoying her pregnancy. I can’t wait to meet my namesake! 😉

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