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This week I was sitting in a meeting here at Le Top when suddenly I felt something different! Was it just a gas bubble in my tummy or was it the baby moving?! Well it is safe to say at 4.5 months along, it was definitely the baby moving! I read about this feeling in one of my books last week – the gas bubbles or gurgley stomach movements – are usually the baby moving around in there. Since reading  this, I have been really vigilant when I feel something and stop to assess it. Not only did it happen then, but when I went to the dentist later on that day it happened twice while I was in the chair! Though, this time it felt more like something dragging along the front of my stomach.

Then today while I was sitting at my desk I started to feel it again, unlike the dragging at the dentist office, it felt almost like Thumbelina (or Tom Thumb) was doing a flip-flop. I can hardly wait for a real “Mommy I’m HEEEEERRRREEEEE” kick! Ha ha! My husband’s face just lit up when I told him about the movements, like it was the coolest thing ever – which it is pretty close to!

I hit another milestone this past week; it was the ability to rest my hands on this little belly. I was sitting on the couch Saturday night watching a movie, when my husband looks over at me and says “you look so cute!” I looked down and without even thinking about it, my hands were resting atop my bump! I think I like this new place for my hands!

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mirandabellyAfter months of waiting, I can finally feel the baby move. This is what I most remembered when I was pregnant the first time. That first kick from the baby inside makes it all REAL.

Tonight something interesting happened. My husband and daughter were sitting next to me—playing around. Miranda squealed with glee as she was being tickled. Then the baby kicked me. Daddy tickled her again, then the baby kicked me once again. Every time Miranda laughed or squealed, the baby kicked me. It was so cute!

It’s quite amazing to witness the sibling connection at such an early time! I can’t wait for my two children to meet face-to-face. Sixteen more weeks to go…

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