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Kristin Halloween Baby

Kristin, age 3 as Rainbow Brite

When I was born Rainbow Brite was all the rage (now you can guess my age!)  My dad thought I looked like her, orange hair and all, and he lovingly nicknamed me “Rainbow Brite.”  To this day he still calls me Rainbow Brite in that affectionate father voice – when he walked me down the aisle at my wedding he said “My Rainbow Brite is all grown up!”

My mom quickly adopted my dad’s nickname for me and decided that for my first true Trick Or Treating adventure she would make me a Rainbow Brite costume.  She did an impeccable job!  Although I may not look too happy in the picture I can assure you that I LOVED that costume and everything Rainbow Brite – from my sheets, to my wallpaper and especially my prized doll.  I believe my mom was able to squeeze me into my ‘perfect costume’ for two years!







For another le•top costume idea try sweet ‘Sophie the poodle’. Keira models the soft pink faux fur coverall with a hood and barking sound.

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My mother-in-law has always said that my daughter is the “spitting image” of my husband. I used to think she said that because she loves her son, and naturally sees him in Lilah. But after seeing “Mini-Me Fathers Day Contest” winners – Jaiden and her Dad’s picture – I started thinking that my husband and our daughter really do look alike.

Evolutionarily speaking, I’ve heard that most kids are “made” to look like the fathers in their first year of life. Fathers need that instantly recognizable connection so, in turn, they will protect their offspring. (Generally the maternal connection is made early on since mom has already had 10 months to bond with baby.) This may all be an old wives tale but then again, maybe not, because Lilah and her daddy are quite the dynamic duo… Wonder Twin powers – ACTIVATE!

Recently my mother-in-law sent me some photos of my husband at Lilah’s exact age (2 ½.) I realize now that she wasn’t exaggerating about how alike they look!

What do you think?





On the flip side, the older our daughters become the more they look (and act) like their moms … even if they didn’t when they were younger. Yes, for better or worse, we’re all turning into our mothers!  I attribute this to mom’s role as a model for their daughters’ gestures and characteristics.  Even if my little one doesn’t look like me (…yet) she definitely acts like me when she stands with her hands on her hips, or pretend-talks on the phone. I am happy to be an example for her, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure I am a positive one. Trust me, I’ll know right away if I’m not, because… well, she’s my little mirror!

Do you find this to be true in your family?

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