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We at le•top believe that we are all part of one big ‘village’- and since we are fortunate to work with customers from all over the United States – and even a few from foreign countries – we have friends that make our world a small place with many shared experiences.  One of the things our customers and friends share is that they love the le•top ‘look’ – defined by a children’s ‘Happy Years – age 0 to 5!’  However right here at home – in Richmond California – there are children that struggle during these years that should be carefree.  It is important to us here at le•top that we contribute to worthwhile programs that focus on helping children – especially close to home.

Photos of thankful families receiving gifts from the Bay Area Rescue Mission

One of our favorite organizations is right here in Richmond – The Bay Area Rescue Mission.  This organization has been going strong for over 40 years, every year providing emergency shelter (over 80,000 nights,) over one million meals, recovery programs, spiritual counseling, education (after-school program, tutoring, transportation and athletic programs), job skills training, food pantry, resource distribution and a mobile outreach! 

Over the holiday season we were able to donate baby and children’s clothing for them to distribute in their Family Center.  We were really touched when we received a wonderful letter and a Certificate of Appreciation from the lovely people who administer this worthy program.  We also received a collage of photos – the smiles of the children are our best thanks!

We have partnered with the Rescue Mission for many years, and will continue to work with them to bring necessities to children in need.  If you’re interested in donating time, money or goods to the Rescue Mission please check them out at http://www.bayarearescue.org/index.html for more details.  Worthy programs like this one exist all around the United States.  We urge you to look close to home and to please give what you can, where you can. It does take all of us in our ‘village’ to raise our children.

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