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This week we interviewed owner Jean Johnston from Doll House boutique in Palos Verdes Estates, California for our “Premier Store Spotlight” this week. Not only is she young and hip, she knows how to keep your child on top of the trend curve and parents in-the-know on the best new baby, children, and tween’s products on the market. Read more to find out about the latest spring trends, Doll House’s upcoming Easter event that is not to be missed, as well as sign up for Facebook to get updates on their cool mommy and me yoga classes!

2325 Palos Verdes Drive West
Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274


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1.   Tell us the inspiration behind the name Doll House? How long has your store been around?
I opened Doll House almost two years ago. While bouncing ideas around, my father suggested the name Doll House, and I thought it was perfect! Children are our little dolls, they are so much fun to dress up.

Le Top Baby "By the Sea" Romper

2.   Spring 2012 styles are coming into stores and brightening up any family’s winter wardrobe. What are your top 3 items (clothes, toys, giftables, etc.) for any parent shopping for warm weather items for a nice holiday vacation this winter?
Nautical stripes will transition a wardrobe from fall to spring, which has made Le Top’s ‘By The Sea’ collection very popular in the store.  Quicksilver rash guards have a built in SPF 50 that can be worn poolside or at the beach. Three Martha’s fold up chalkboard mat (comes with colorful chalk and a fun elephant shaped sponge) is a helpful way to keep kids occupied on long car or plane rides.

3.  Any special events that you have planned at your store for spring? Tell us the inside scoop about any special events and especially the fun deals we can expect!
You Don’t Want To Miss Spring Time At Doll House!

Doll House will be hosting a spring event on Thursday, March 29th. We will have a bunny petting zoo, a fun art project taught by a local artisan, face painting and a very special visit from the Easter Bunny!

Doll House has teamed up with Billabong and Zico Water for a great trunk show event for tweens! Doll House tweens will be the first to view and order Billabong’s 2012 fall collection while enjoying Zico Water.

Doll House is excited to start mommy and me yoga classes this spring! Check out our face book and website for updates!

Store owner, Jean, showing her display of the Le Top Tiny Bubbles collection

4.   What is your “go-to” baby shower gift in your store for boys and girls?
I have a huge demand for clothing and gifts made in the USA. Lisa Denver’s growth charts (made in Palos Verdes Estates), Scrumptious Blankets (made in Los Angeles) and Giggle Moon (made in San Diego) are popular gift items. 

Le Top Sun and Sea collection

5.   What are your top 3 children’s movies or books and why?
Doll House’s most popular books are ‘Guess How Much I Love You’, ‘Pinkalicious’ and ‘Casey At Bat’. The hardback books come as a set with matching Pajamas! These make bedtime a little more fun. ($44 set).

6.    Describe the neighborhood of your store location in Palos Verdes Estates? Did you grow up in the local area?
Doll House is located in Lunada Bay, a surf and beach community within Palos Verdes Estates, California. It is a lot like Newport Beach, where I grew up. The locals are outgoing and take pride in their local boutiques.

Store owner Jean Johnston

7.    What are the hottest trends for kids clothes right now?
Purple, pink, red and bright blue skinny jeans and shorts are going to be a hot trend this spring and summer.

8.    What Le Top or Rabbitmoon Spring 2012 collection is your store’s favorite and why?
Le Top’s ‘Tiny Bubbles’ for girls and “Whales & Sails” for boys have been very popular collections. The prints are a great way to match brothers and sisters, and perfect to wear at the beach club and the 4th of July!

(left) Le Top Whales & Sales boy's collection (right) Le Top Tiny Bubbles girl's collection

Doll House

2325 Palos Verdes Drive West
Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274


Doll House Facebook page
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We interviewed store owner Melissa Gibson who co-owns the most adorable boutique in Tustin, California with Suzi Segal! Not only are we OBSESSED with the so-sweet name of the store, we love her take on spring trends, parenting advice and their fun events planned in the next 2 months for families (we heard a rumor the Easter Bunny will possibly be at their store!). Read more to discover today’s “Premier Store Spotlight” with children’s boutique The Duck Pond (www.the-duckpond.com). Enjoy!

The Duck Pond
17300 East 17th Street
Tustin, CA 92780

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1.     What was the inspiration behind the name The Duck Pond?
Melissa: Since we are new owners we are not sure how the name came about but if we had to guess we think the ducks are children in a pond of clothing. 

2.     Describe the neighborhood where your store is located in Tustin, California. What are the local family hangouts you would recommend?
Melissa: Our store is located in an upscale shopping center in Tustin, California. Along with our store we have an upscale jewelry store, art gallery and women’s and men’s clothing stores. Minutes away from The Duck Pond is the Santa Ana Zoo, Irvine Regional Park, Disneyland, and the Discovery Center. 

3.     It’s about that time to start packing up some of the old winter items and cleaning out the closet for spring clothes for your little one. What are 3 spring must-have items that are in your store?
Melissa: White sandals, a flirty dress, something navy, and (of course) matching hair accessories. 

4.      What would people be surprised to learn about your store?
Melissa: We have a large supply of baptism clothes for both boys and girls, along with amazing dresses and party clothes for girls and great clothes for boys. 

5.     Tell us about a “special” moment that made your day working at your store.
Melissa: The most exciting time for us was the first time we had someone come in and compliment the “new” atmosphere and our new clothes that we have – that made us feel proud to be the new owners of The Duck Pond.

6.     There are plenty of blooper funny moments being around children and mom’s all day in your store – tell us something funny a child has said that made you giggle.
Melissa: We love to hear little girls talk and parade around the store once they put on a party dress. One girl said she felt like a “fairy princess.” 

7.     Tell us about any special events that you have planned at your store and fun deals we can expect.
Melissa: We have a “Ladies Night Out” on March 22nd from 7:00-9:00 p.m. and a “Sip and Stroll” on April 16th.  We also hope that the Easter Bunny will visit our store soon! 

Le Top "Poppies" Tiered Dress & Ruffle Panty

8.     Tell us your best parenting tip or mom advice that your mom passed on to you that you would like to share with a new parent.
Melissa: Patience, patience, patience, this too will pass. 

9.     What collection or piece from Le Top or Le Top Baby line or Rabbitmoon do you love from the Spring 2011?
Melissa: We love Poppies, Bee Happy and Daisy collections but we really love all of them!

The Duck Pond
17300 East 17th Street
Tustin, CA 92780

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Shop the le•top collection of baby and children's clothes at Eber Jeeber

Shop the le•top collection of baby and children's clothes at Eber Jeeber...and also join in on the fun!

Amy has the perfect personality for a baby and children’s store — she knows how to have fun! She runs Eber Jeeber, an upscale baby store in Overland Park, KS (a great, southern suburb of Kansas City). Her creative and entertaining ideas bring her customers in and show them a great time, both young and old! She is gearing up for a Spring full of events, starting with a Valentine’s Day box-decorating extravaganza! Just $5 outfits your child with a customizable heart-shaped box and a myriad of color paints for budding artists to have a blast decorating it. And when the Easter Bunny comes hoppin’ around this April, you can be sure Bunny will be shaking its whiskers at Eber Jeeber for a major photo-op with the kiddies. A local photographer will be on hand to capture the whole scene (and provide your family with a special snap for the Rogue’s Gallery). Check out all these fun events and our le•top Spring Collections on Amy’s newly redesigned Website, (www.eberjeeber.com). If you’re nearby, Amy would love to see you, so drop in to see what’s happening and browse the great wears: Eber Jeeber: 4937 W. 119th Street, Overland Park, KS. Phone: 913.663.3237.

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