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The Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome

I send my family and close friends a weekly “Keep Dreaming” email of all the great places with the lowest fares that Travel Zoo finds for the week. We’re all Euro-trippers, so I keep my focus there. Life is so busy and money so tight these days, making it difficult to travel to these wonderful getaway spots…as much as we would love to go! So in lieu of actual travel (or wish-you-were-here postcards from these locales!), I send emails highlighting all the places we really want to see, but can’t quite visit…yet. If nothing else, it takes us off whatever it is occupying our minds, and transports us to another country for a few moments…before flashing back to reality! Even though it’s such a tease, we all seem to really enjoy the momentary “dream” of going! This morning’s email:

Your weekly Keep Dreaming Email has arrived!
This week’s destinations: Italy
$387 & up — Fly to Italy in Spring (Roundtrip) incl. Taxes

As always, keep dreaming….we will get there one day!

I’d love to hear about the favorite places our readers have visited, as well as their dream destinations…and please also share your favorite online travel sites!

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