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Personalized Gifts with Dog Biscuit Recipes for Fresh Breath, Fleas Be-Gone and more

Our loyal readers should know by now just how much we love dogs at le•top – so we can’t help but share our cute dog stories with you.  Dogs have always inspired us!  At this time of the year check out our puppy, please! collection while we share puppy celebrations that bring smiles to our faces.

Sylvia, our EDI expert, is mommy to a rambunctious 1 year old black lab named Cosmo…as in Kramer from the Seinfeld show. (déjà vu)  Cosmo was a rescue dog, and Sylvia was 1 of 7 chosen hand picked mommies from over 100 applicants that vied for the chance to adopt Cosmo, his brothers and sisters, and his “biological” mom.  This group of chosen mommies, and the foster mom who rescued the matriarch and her 5 day old pups, have banded together – creating a magical extended family.  They have become so close and are so touched by these pups’ story that they find it hard to separate these lucky dogs for too long.

Every three months these special owners bring the dogs back together for a “play date” of sorts.  This quarter they commemorated the pups’ first birthday – and they truly celebrated in style!  Sylvia baked custom cookies for each of the dogs, inscribed their name in doggie-safe frosting, and brought birthday hats for all the dogs to wear.  It was, needless to say, quite a fun birthday party.  By the time Sylvia got home, Cosmo was pooped!  He walked into the house and immediately passed out on the floor….What a fun day!
If you live in the SF Bay Area and are interested in donating, fostering or adopting an animal please check out the The Milo Foundation in San Rafael, CA. They found a happy home for Cosmo and his family.
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Okay, you play with that, and I'll take this

Okay, you play with that, and I'll take this

Sarah, who left le•top last year when her daughter, Ella was born, came into the office today to say “hello” and to get Ella (16 months) fitted for her star modeling turn at the upcoming photo shoot in January. As it seems with most kids with animals, Ella made a beeline for Olive. Ella has a dog of her own, Chewy, who is much more like a horse than a dog (that’s another story!), but all dogs seem the same to her. Ella is very comfortable around Olive, and of course, we all know Olive thinks she’s a person, so they had a great playdate at le•top this morning! Looking at this photo, we’re wondering who wanted to play with what, but they worked out the details in their secret language and got along famously. Ella is wearing one of the rabbit moon signature tracksuits — this one is from the upcoming spring 2009 “Soleil” Collection, which will be shipping to stores this month (the fall 2008 rabbit moon signature tracksuits are still in stores for both girls and boys). Ella looks like she’s ready to take Olive for a little jog around the block!

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First Word: Dog


Everything that resembled an animal was called "dog."

I saw my 8-month old niece, Allyson, this weekend. She is starting to talk or make noises that sound like words. It was very cute to listen to her utter the words “da-da-da” over and over, and seeing my brother’s face light up. “Hey, Babe (his wife)… Allyson’s first word is ‘da-da’!”

My 4-year old daughter asked me, “Mommy, what was MY first word?” I didn’t have to think hard or look it up in her baby book. I knew exactly what it was. I replied, “Your first word was ‘dog’.” Interestingly enough, we don’t even have a dog. Her sitter back then did though. So even though my daughter only spent two days a week at the sitter’s house, she managed to fall in love with the dog, thus making it her first word.

Do you remember your child’s first word?

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