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This little cutie, Cam-Ly (3-years-old), comes to us from Le Top’s hometown of Richmond, CA. While preparing for her recent birthday party she was ‘helping’ mom frost the cupcakes. When they were all done she asked if she could have some of the remaining frosting…well, she made the most of it by getting as much on her as she ate. What can I say, she knows how to have a good time. 🙂

Cam-Ly loves Yo Gabba Gabba, doing gymnastics ON her parents, and is one of the most vivacious, independent, and happy girls I’ve ever met. Mom and Dad must be so proud! Congratulations to Cam-Ly for being today’s Le Top Darling of the Day!

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In classic black and white, this handsom devil has all the looks and charm of favorite Hollywood legends like Clark Gable, Cary Grant, and Gary Cooper. Watch out for this little heartbreaker! Congratulations to William on being our Le Top Darling of the Day.

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Kids and their entourages everywhere!

Our “Calling All Cuties” casting call was a huge success!  Last season we had a fabulous turnout – we saw over 125 kids come in and try out to be a ‘le•top kid.’  Our Fall 2010 season casting call last week brought out

a whopping 146 kids!  Have you ever been in a small space with oodles of kids?  Let’s just say that it was organized chaos – what a spectacle! Here, there and everywhere – cute kids in our office, our foyer, and spilling over to our front lawn! Of course we had these little ‘stars’ entourages as well…their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and in many cases their siblings. Wow! We love it! 

Our entire Design department was fully committed to this endeavor – shuttling clothes to the next in line (overcoming little problems like twins who ONLY want to dress alike!) – getting all the pertinent information – and sending them in to the inner sanctum!  Our Front Office staff couldn’t help but to join in the ‘fun’ by getting everyone to sign in and helping everyone out in anyway possible.  Hmmm, I wonder if any customers called…I can’t believe a phone could even be heard over all the noise! Kristin, our ace inside salesperson, and Marilyn from our Production department collected kids’ measurements – a real feat when you have a squirmy 1 year old!  It took five and a half hours with minimal breaks for Chris, Karen and Charly to accomplish the impossible task of choosing which of these adorable kids would be our next photo shoot stars.  Very difficult to choose…how does Simon, Randy and Kara do it??? 

Thank you to everyone that came in and weathered the storm!  We wish we could use all of these darling children! 

Next up….the photo shoot.

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