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…submitted by a Dad in the Midwest

It was the annual spring recital featuring the students of the teacher. Most of the sketches are by girls in the upper grades, but every year, there is a short segment for the “juniors.” No pointes yet (on their toes) for their level, but still a graceful and complex routine for that age. Some of my daughter’s friends came to watch with their respective moms (who might sign their daughters up), and she really enjoyed the spotlight, I think, even though she was on stage just for a few moments. My wife had seen the preformance twice before (the Saturday night and Sunday matinee) plus rehearsals, but it was my first time, since I’d been away on business. I was very anxious and nearly breathless before she came out — afraid for her, hoping that she wouldn’t fall or slip, knowing how “big” this was for her. When she went through her routine, I had my hand over my mouth and was nearly in tears . . .

Editor’s Note: We hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!!

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