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Many moms are up late on the computer browsing the internet for any sort of cure or treatment to help a colicky baby. Many parents try loads of remedies they learn of, but are still driven mad by it.

Next time your protesting, colicky baby has you wavering on the edge of sleep-deprived insanity, consider a cup of herbal tea. For who? Not you! For the baby!

Baby colic is a common condition, affecting as many as a quarter of young infants. Yet the underlying reasons remain mysterious, and there are no safe and effective treatments.

Fortunately, the crying — which can last for hours every day — usually disappears when the baby is a few months old, and the condition is harmless, experts say.

A new report, published in the journal Pediatrics, summarizes all the complementary and alternative medicines as well as nutritional supplements for colic — including herbal extracts, sugar water, probiotics, massage and reflexology.

Tea –made with chamomile, licorice, fennel and balm mint– was one of the most effective treatments for relieving symptoms of colic, according to this new Pediatrics study, which reviewed 15 randomized clinical trials of alternative treatments for infantile colic.

The study analyzed trials that included various types of treatment and found the most encouraging results came from treatments using herbal remedies and sugar solutions, while the least effective results came from treatments involving manipulation and probiotic supplements.

There were some signs that fennel had a positive effect. For instance, one study found that 65 percent of babies who got fennel seed oil dissolved in water before meals were cured of their colic. That compared to 24 percent of those who just got water.

The study stated:

The difficulty in finding an effective treatment is related to our lack of understand of IC (infantile colic). Its pathophysiology is unclear; food allergies, formula intolerance, immaturity of gastrointestinal tract, excessive gas formation or intestinal cramping have all been suggested as possible etiologies. Arguably, any rational treatment should be directed at the mechanisms of the disease itself.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the study is how the authors explain what many exhausted parents already know – that it’s hard to know how to treat colic because colic itself is such a wily beast. But the studies were few and far between, and none of the studies were scientifically solid, the researchers found.

All and all, despite these new studies – I say your baby just needs a lot of Tender Love and Care (TLC). What do you do to help your colicky baby?

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Haven Bella looking like a Sweet little Flower

Our family finally has its first baby girl!  My niece, Haven Bella, was born on July 8th of this year – a great birthday date to remember – 7-8-9!  We are excited to have a girl join the ‘boys club’ we had going.

Four months have now passed since the glorious date that we all ooo’d and awww’d over little Haven.  She is growing bigger by the day, and although still a ‘little baby’ her mom and dad were ready to take the big step and go out for some much needed time together – without children!

Friday was the first night that Mike and Joslyn took a breather from the kiddos and headed out for a nice relaxing dinner for two.  My nephew Justice was spending some quality time with Grandpa – and little Haven came to spend the evening in Aunt KK’s arms (that’s me!!!)  I have to admit that Aunt KK is not 100% confident with tiny babies.  Maybe I am just not completely comfortable, but at 4 months old…I thought I could handle it!  The evening (to say the least) had its ups and downs – here is how it unfolded:

Bye Bye Mommy and Daddy – Hello child that is (supposedly) about to fall asleep…

40 minutes later – after walking around the house, rocking and singing lullabies to Little Miss Haven, she FINALLY falls asleep

Carefully laying her on the couch next to me I pop in a movie – ready for an hour and half of quiet bliss

Haven is awake….Cry….Cry….Cry….

Aunt KK picks up Haven and tries to sooth her – more walking, rocking and singing (did I mention that I am NOT a singer?)

Dinner Time (Haven is a ‘Baby Wise Baby’ and she knows when it’s time to eat!) I pull out the Dr. Brown’s Bottle and warm the milk… 

Haven is NOT having it!  Try as I might this little girl does not love her bottle – go back to walking…

Haven is still clearly upset and not eating – I am at my wit’s end and praying for Joslyn to walk through that door…

Haven and Aunt KK say in unison:  HELLOOO MOMMY!  THANK GOD YOU ARE HERE!

Of course we all survived…and I am sure every parent (and every babysitter!) has experienced nights like this.  What are some of the tips you give your sitters – I could really use some!!!!

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bigsiscryLast weekend we drove down to Los Angeles (from the Bay Area) for my cousin’s baby shower. The drive there was a piece of cake. It took us about 8 hours with only 2 stops. Amazing, considering we had a newborn. Meanwhile, my 4-year old was her usual self asking us what number to count to before we get to LA, and repeatedly asking, “Are we there yet?” (Click here to read about our memorable trip to San Diego.)

The drive home was a completely different story. It took us almost 12 hours with so many stops that I vowed never to drive a long trip like that ever again! For some reason, my 3-week old was hungry EVERY HOUR. “Didn’t I just feed you?” And other times he would howl and cry, and we couldn’t figure out why. He wasn’t hungry. He wasn’t wet. He wasn’t hurt or sick. He just wanted to be on Daddy’s lap or in Mommy’s embrace. I guess I’d rather have that, too. But after so many stops for no reason other than to take him out of his car seat, we’d had enough. Our so-called “solution” was to let him scream in agony — while we listened in agony! Then, miraculously, Big Sis saved the day. Miranda sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and Paulo stopped crying! The first time it happened, we thought it was just luck. But it happened a couple more times, and it worked every time. One time she even sang a different song (some song from “High School Musical”), but it didn’t work. So we asked her to stick to his usual request because that’s what Paulo liked. She gladly complied.

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Mama Sandy being a clever and sneaky nail trimmer with a napping Henry Mantu

Mama Sandy being a clever and sneaky nail trimmer with a napping Henry Mantu

Seeing this photo reminded me of the first time I visited one of my closest friends, Dawn, after she had her first child, a daughter. We’ve been friends since we were barely teenagers, so to see her as a newly minted mom was a very different experience. I think they’d only had their daughter home for about 6 week when I visited. While her husband was with the baby, Dawn and I were taking a little break, trying to catch up a bit on our own (like old times!). Well, not much time had passed, when we heard a blood-curdling cry. Of course we both rushed over and found her husband looking sheepish, anguished and horrified by what he’d done. While trimming the baby’s fingernails, he had nicked a tiny bit of skin. Oooh, agh…we know how much the tiniest paper cut hurts…I couldn’t imagine the pain this little baby was feeling on tender baby skin! I’m sure her parents were thinking the same thing. Even though we all knew it’d heal, and that she’d stop crying eventually, logic wasn’t really going to help that day, not with the amount of guilt and remorse in that room!

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