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Then: Me dressing up at Nerd Day; Now: My daughter dressing up for Twin Day

I fondly remember my school days and celebrating Spirit Week. Back then I never really understood WHY we had Spirit Week. All I really cared about back then was that I got to be creative and got dressed up for some weird and wacky-themed days, such as Nerd Day, Crazy Hair Day, Hawaiian Day, Toga Day, Pajama Day, etc. Fun times! I am amazed and can’t believe that I now have a daughter who is making her own fond memories and showing her school spirit, even as young as Kindergarten!

Now that I’m older (and supposedly wiser), there is actually an importance to Spirit Week–in all levels of school. Not only is it enjoyable, but it gives students the chance to express themselves creatively. Spirit Week provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about leadership. The week is led and planned by the students (with the guidance of teachers). They come up with their own ideas (activities, games, plans) and learn how to put their ideas into action. Students also learn teamwork. Spirit Week encourages students to participate collaboratively and competitively in activities to collect points and achieve success. Spirit Week teaches students community-building as well. By creating excitement and a certain level of energy around Spirit Week, students learn that there are multi-levels of community within their school. They develop a sense of homeroom, grade-level, and school loyalty.

Spirit Week: It’s fun and education!

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