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I don't like it when my baby is sick.

I don't like it when my baby is sick.

Lately Miranda, along with her classmates and friends, has been sick with a cold or a cough. It seems never-ending as these little kids pass on whatever they have to the next kid, then back to them again. Last week, when I dropped off Miranda at preschool, I stayed for a little bit during Circle Time. Out of the 23 kids in her class, four of them were hacking their lungs out. I mean, coughing so much that their eyes were watering! I wondered how their parents could let their precious little ones endure 2-1/2 hours of preschool being miserable. Shouldn’t they stay home to rest AND avoid getting their little friends and teachers sick?

So it was inevitable that my little girl would end up catching a cold or cough. What I really don’t like is when her cough keeps her up at night. About two years ago, I found a miracle cure. Either a friend emailed it to me or maybe I read it somewhere, but it really works!

vicks-730724Before going to bed, I slather Vicks on the bottom of her feet, then put a pair of socks on them. For some reason, her coughing stops and she is able to sleep through the night undisturbed. We’ve been doing this since she was two years old. I have no idea how or why it works. I’m just glad that it does.

Miranda is so used to this routine. When she starts coughing, she knows that at bedtime, to grab the Vicks and a pair of socks, and put her feet up for me to work my Mommy Magic so that she can sleep peacefully. (By the way, this works on adults, too! ;-))


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