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Kids grow up fast and seem to fly through clothing with their constant growth at lightening speed. If you’re like me, you’ve received some hand-me-downs and you pass down those clothes that are no longer needed. For the kids clothes that have been handed down to me (or that I’ve bought from work) that are within 6-12 months away from fitting my daughter, I try to hang them in her closet on the far end of the rack. I’ve found that if I leave them in a box in the garage, I forget about them and by the time I think to check – half of them no longer fit. If I leave them in her closet, it reminds me to check for them more often and she won’t miss out on that too cute outfit!

To help clear clothes out, I keep a pop-up basket in her closet that I regularly throw clothes into that she has outgrown. When it gets full it’s time to sort them and give them to the other moms I know with kids younger than Lilah. I send the heavy coats to a friend who lives in the coldest weather and the lightest clothing to those that live in the warmest weather. At that time, it’s also good to look through the closet and drawers for clothes or shoes that (for some reason) your child just doesn’t wear or are the wrong season and you realize they no longer fit. I think that’s about half of my daughters clothes. Kids are who they are – there is not much you can do about it!

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