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banasplitWhen I was pregnant with my daughter, all I wanted was watermelon. It didn’t matter that it was out of season or if the watermelon wasn’t sweet, I just wanted the refreshing red flesh of watermelon… And I would pay anything for it!

With my current pregnancy, I am craving all sorts of things. During the first trimester, I craved cocktails, such as margaritas and lemon drops. Obviously, I didn’t give in to these cravings. Instead I looked for other ways to satisfy them, such as drinking lemonade in a salt- or sugar-rimmed glass, or sipping margarita mix on the rocks. Neither worked. Needless to say, I had to patiently wait for the craving to subside, then moved on to the next trimester.

My second trimester has been all about the PERFECT banana split. I wanted the usual scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, AND the sundae sauces had to be in the right spots: pineapple sauce on vanilla, hot fudge on chocolate, and strawberry sauce on strawberry. Of course, the whipped cream had to be slathered all over with sprinkles, almonds, and a cherry on top. Not walnuts, not peanuts, but almonds. And if there were no almonds available, someone (usually my husband) had to go out to get me almonds.

When people find out you’re pregnant, one of the first things they ask is, “Do you know what you’re having?” But when women find out you’re pregnant, they also ask, “Any weird cravings?” So I asked a few women what they craved during their pregnancies. Here’s a  list of some of the weird ones:

  • an Oreo cookie with a dollop of white frosting (from a tub) and a peanut butter cup on top
  • escargot (what my mother craved when she was pregnant with me, which is my excuse for being slow and slimy?! ;-))
  • Krispy Kremes with Classic Coke
  • cold chocolate cake right out of the refrigerator
  • Taco Bell (for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • pickle juice but not the pickles


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pancakefaceLast Sunday morning, I felt like having pancakes. So while Daddy and daughter were busy upstairs (playing, reading, watching TV), I decided to go downstairs and make breakfast. I opened a box of premix, added water and eggs, and heated up the griddle. While I poured the first scoop of batter onto the pan, I started to rummage through the pantry to see what else I can have. Hmm… what can I do with these mini peanut butter cups? …DING! I’m going to make smiley pancakes. (more…)

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Sweetie and I had dinner last night at One Market (and no, I didn’t see Posh, Becks and their little boys when they had lunch there this summer), and I was really looking forward to their seasonal Pumpkin Doughnut dessert…but we were too late for that! Instead, we tried a gingerbread confection that mysteriously disappeared after two bites (for me) while I was sipping my coffee and being mesmerized by all the twinkling lights, and people skating on the Embarcadero Center Holiday ice rink. Magical. Anyway, dessert reminded me of the Chocolate-Pumpkin layer cake recipe I saw in the NYT the other day. I haven’t made it yet, but it sounded so yum! I’m still searching for the ultimate pumpkin pie recipe, though…

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