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This post is dedicated to all the parents who have children who have “flown the nest.” So I get home about a week ago to California (I live in New York City) to help my family out with the launch of our new online boutique this past Monday, July 19th (http://www.letop-usa.com/)…As a child who works for her parents, one might think I would stay at a hotel – NOPE! I STILL stay at home, in my old room, with the old 80s soccer trophies, stuffed monkeys and funny childhood pictures I painted as a child.  It made me start thinking about all of the other parents who hang on to the doo-dads, artwork and any other fun projects their children work on.  Who knew that 30 years later, my parents would have my projects to this day in the living room next to a Richard Deibenkorn painting (a very fancy-schmancy modern artist from the 90s) – ooh-la-la! Below are funny items throughout our house that might make you (yes, you the parents who hang onto your child’s strange artwork that makes you smile)….smile! Enjoy this inside look to my home life.

The first one is a plaster of Paris ice cream sundae I made as a child. I thought it was funny to “trick” parents to try and drinks “my milkshake.” The true joke was on me in the fact that any adult obviously knew it wasn’t real.

The one on the right is a wood-fired/glazed lion I created in 5th grade where I was graded by my teacher on the anatomy of an animal and how well I could sculpt it.

This was a man I made in 6th grade out of clay and I was graded by my teacher on how well I understand the body form. Who is this man I sculpted. No clue. Ha!

Your first question might be, what the heck is that orange thing? My mom calls him “her little man”…I always thought he was a monster with tiger stripes. Hee-hee!

This was a soap stone sculpture I chipped away to make a seal that our housekeeper always turns upside down to look like a random rock.  Here is how it is always posed when I get home…

On the right is how the “seal” should be posed.

Here is a watercolor painting I created with a train in 5th grade where I was supposed to draw a train and I was graded on the specs of my train and straight lines. I find this picture pretty funny seeing as how I thought at that time BP oil was a “big gas company” with a pretty and happy sunset.  Who knew they would be destroying our earth now!

My final picture that will really have you laughing is this professional portrait of me as a child in the 1980s. SCCCCCARRRRY.  I was 5 years old at the time. One might call this photo “black mail.”

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