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As a parent I find it impossible to keep the back of my car clean. My 4-year-old brings everything into the car and I’m lucky to get half of it out. Not to mention all of the cheese cracker crumbs, food wrappers and such. Okay, maybe you don’t let your child eat in the car, but when you have a little one with a sensitive stomach it’s important to keep a stock of snacks, napkins, and wet wipes in the car.

Lilah has a habit of leaving ‘Dolly’ in the car. In fact, much of the time Dolly lives in the car. There was a period of about a week where Lilah insisted that I take Dolly into work with me so that HE wouldn’t be lonely. He often sat in the chair across from my desk, where I didn’t hear the end of it jokes from my fellow staffers asking if they could interrupt my meeting or asking, “Who is your ‘friend’?” Ah, the things we do for our children. Anyway, to prove to my daughter that Dolly visited the office I took a photo for her. I thought it was cute and worth sharing. BTW-CK Enterprises is our company name. Le Top, Le Top Baby and Rabbitmoon are our clothing lines.

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