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The winter chill has arrived and the leaves are changing colors. I took a walk through Central Park in New York City (my hometown) this past weekend and admired all of the leaves and how beautiful nature can be in the ‘big city.’ I was inspired by a childhood activity that is fun for kids and great for parents as a piece of art for the coveted refrigerator door. Preserve the beauty of fall leaves with leaf-rubbing (leaf impressions) art on paper! Read more to find out how this easy (and inexpensive idea) is fun for a winter day. Next time you are out walking ith your kids, collect leaves of different shapes and sizes. When you are choosing leaves to rub, pick leaves with raised veins or texture to ensure the rubbings will come out crisp and clear.


  • Leaves
  • White paper
  • Crayons or soft-lead pencils


  • Rub a variety of leaves using white tissue paper and crayons or soft-lead pencils.
  • Place the leaves under the paper and gently rub the impression on the tissue paper.
  • Cut each leaf impression out and arrange them on a white piece of paper.
  • Special step: Use a hold puncher and punch one hole in each leaf impression. Use thread or clear fishing line to tie the leaves together and string the line in a window as a decoration!
  • Discard leaves in garbage

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First, I tear here, then I get to the good stuff. I deem this tracksuit...perfect! Where's my next present?

Christmas is over, and we’re still in Kauai, but we’re getting loads of emails and photos of the festive time of year. Sweetie received this photo of his youngest nephew, Ry opening the Christmas gift sweetie sent. He decided on the Rabbit Moon Tractor Tracksuit at mychildclothing.com who has a wonderful selection of both le•top and Rabbit Moon. Since Ry lives in NYC where the winters can be bitterly cold, sweetie thought the tracksuit would be perfect for him to bop around indoors, as well as a fashionable and warm top layer for those first days of spring in Central Park. Ry is just 9 months old but already seems to have the art of opening presents down pat!

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