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This past Sunday, my daughter (4 1/2-years-old) and I went to visit with my parents. There was an Art and Wine festival in town that we were told was very kid-friendly. They weren’t kidding (no pun intended). There was a large area with slides (where you ride down on a burlap bag), carnival games, rides for kids of all sizes, and a rock climbing wall.

After playing a few games (we won a stuffed bear), catching air on the slide, and enjoying a few rides, my daughter spotted the rock climbing wall! We left the front of the helicopter ride line to run over to the wall. I wasn’t sure if she would actually climb it once we got close to the wall, but she was fearless. They harnessed her into the pulley and off she went! It was a stretch for her, since I think it was really intended for a slightly taller crowd, but she made it about half-way up the wall before she looked down. Never look down! Once she did she just shook her head “no” when given the option of going higher. All she had to do was let go of the rock and the rope brought her gently down to the ground. I couldn’t be more proud. Hopefully next year she’ll make it to the top!

Lilah wears the Le Top "Ship Ahoy!" Hooded Terry Zip Cover-Up Dress while enjoying a tasty treat!

There are always fun fairs and local festivals in an area near you. Get on the Internet and search for the kid-friendly options. There is something for everyone and you don’t have to commit to an entire day. Who knows, your child might even try something new if they see other kids their age enjoying it. Enjoy your summer!

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This version of a classic carnival game also makes a fun and great Halloween kids’ activity with bursting confetti-and-candy-filled balloons. This Halloween game is good for a home party or even the classroom – it is sure to make everyone “explode” with laughter and glee.


  • 4-by-5 1/2-foot piece of foam board (buy it at your local craft store)
  • 2 yards of burlap or other fabric
  • Duct tape
  • Thirty-five 12-inch orange balloons
  • Confetti
  • Candy (small, thin types work best)
  • Pump, for balloons (optional), joann.com
  • T pins
  • Green construction paper
  • Pushpins (or darts for bigger kids)



1. Cover foam board with burlap; secure in back with duct tape. Place flat on the ground (living room or a spacious area)

2. Fill balloons with confetti (using a funnel) and candy. Leave a few treat-free to add to the suspense.

3. Inflate the balloons (a pump makes it faster); tie off with a knot. Attach balloons to board with T pins, in a pumpkin shape. Make sure to push the T pins all the way in so that there are no “poking” accidents when your child sits on the balloon.

4. Cut a stem shape from green construction paper, and secure with T pins.

5. Put on a fun Halloween song like the “Monster Mash” and have the kids dance to the music – when the music stops, have them sit on the balloons to make them pop! Challenge the kids to pop all of the balloons by the end of the song.


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