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Girly, yet casual... go for le•top's Flower Power collection.

Girly, yet casual... go for le•top's Flower Power collection.

Earlier this month, Miranda had her “Special Day” at preschool. Special Day means that since her birthday is during the summer when there is no preschool, she gets to have a Special “Miranda” Day to celebrate all things Miranda. She brought her favorite book to read in class (Baloney Henry P. – she likes all things outer space-related) and shared her favorite board game with her classmates (Caribou by Cranium). She was also the teacher’s helper: the flag holder during the “Pledge of Allegiance” and the calendar pointer while reciting the months of the year in front of the classroom all by herself. This is a great opportunity for parents to take oodles of photos of their child!

As it was her “Special Day” (and because I was going to take oodles of photos!), I wanted to get her more dressed up than usual for preschool. I decided on le•top’s Flower Power shirt and pant set, thinking the outfit provided that little extra to make her stand out, while still being comfortable enough to sit on the floor (as well as the other activities of school!). It certainly did! I love the bright colors and the soft fabrics. The aqua shirt is velvety soft, and the corduroy pants are colorful and pliant (unlike most corduroy pants which are usually heavy, scratchy and stiff.)

After 2-1/2 hours of “Special Day” activities, we drove home with a crown atop her head and a big smile on her face! Miranda usually starts peeling off her clothes the moment we set foot in the house, wanting to change into something more comfy. But not that day! She loves wearing all her le•top clothes – even the dresses! – to play in, jump around in, and even for just sitting around in at home (which is fine, because these clothes are durable!).

I keep getting reminded: though le•top clothes are very stylish and adorable…they are made for comfort…with REAL kids in mind! And who’s a better judge than a 4-year old girl who is special in so many ways – not just one day, but every day!

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