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I am now quite a few weeks into my pregnancy! I promise I won’t drag you through the minute details of pregnancy. Just a few fun things to share with you…Right now I know this body is definitely hard at work. How do I know? Because I am exhausted!!!  All I want (more than anything in the world) is a Venti Caramel Frappaccino and my nice comfy bed.  

It’s definitely amazing to think that my now lime of a baby has only 28 more weeks ahead to go (or at least I am crossing my fingers for nothing more than that time span). I haven’t outright started planning  for the arrival of our little one, merely gathered thoughts in my head; even though we have known for two months now, I am still trying to process this new life. What are the steps I need to take at home? How much and how hard of exercise should I be doing? What and how much should I be eating? I am a candy-holic, and after all – this isn’t going to be an easy road.  I think I will have to sneak a candy bar or two- hmmm maybe Chocolate Pattie in Rockford, IL will be a cohort in that evil scheme and send me some yummy chocolate?! 😉

I have started reading the “key” books and have downloaded great applications on my iTouch – What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Pregnancy 411 by the Bump. These two great apps are really getting me through these long weeks. I am also surfing http://www.letop-usa.com/ and dreaming of all the clothes that I will soon be dressing my child in! Ooooh temptation!

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