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No, I did not say that!

Two brothers were fighting…

“Ow! Mommy, Collin hit me.”

Mommy doesn’t care unless you’re bleeding or if someone has to go to the hospital.”

– Collin, age 7

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Big brother Nate pulling on Jake's loose tooth. Zach: Ah! I can't watch!!

Big brother Nate pulling on Jake's loose tooth. Youngest brother, Zach: Ah! I can't watch!!

When I first saw these photos, it reminded me of one my brother sent a few years ago, wherein all the kids in the photo had one or two missing front teeth. Everyone in the photo was just around 7 or about to be, and, at that age, it’s a right of passage to lose your two front baby teeth! These photos are of Sweetie’s nephews, and though quite recent, Jake’s other front tooth came loose and went by way of the Tooth Fairy as well! As with most things related to childhood, it’s amazing to be reminded of how nature works…growing pains, the magical nature of baby teeth…tooth pulling methods! I think I remember my brother coming up with a contraption where he tied one end of a string around my loose tooth and the other end to a doorknob. Can you guess the rest of this story? 😉

Jake minus one tooth, but still smiling

Jake minus one tooth, but still smiling!

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