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CrestGlideA recent article on longevity and the health habits for living to a ripe old age listed the usual suspects: no smoking, regular exercise, nutritious eating. The most interesting thing on the list, though, was flossing. They stressed twice-daily flossing, not just for healthy teeth and gums, but for overall health, and especially for heart health. I’ve never been a fan of flossing until recently (only because brushing isn’t as effective as it used to be: my teeth are shifting…I think I need braces!). I got this floss at Costco…and wow! The Crest Glide Deep Clean Floss is really amazing! It’s not waxy, it’s refreshingly minty, and it really does glide…though it also kind of sticks…exactly where it needs to. Hard to explain, but it’s really the most amazing dental floss I’ve ever used. I’m sure my dentist is heaving a tremendous sigh right now…

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