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neonSince I was a child, my favorite color has been what I call, “highlighter-green” (yes, even though I’m one of the designers for le•top baby with the beautifully soft pinks and blues!). More than anything else in the world, I wanted a highlighter-green ball gown! I’ve even asked Russian Santa for it on several occasions…but, it was understandable that he probably raised an eyebrow in confusion while reading my letters – “highlighter-green gown?!?!?”

As my mom and I strolled through a local mall one day, I saw a rather out-of-place “prom” gown boutique selling what appeared to be replicas of the Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella style gowns! As luck would have it, they had one in highlighter-green! I couldn’t believe that my dream would finally come true! My mom, unfortunately (for her!), does not share my love for neon. She looked at my over-puffed, neon-green tulle, enormous ball of a dress, and said, “Are you kidding?” Thus, my dream of having a neon green ball gown were dashed. Fortunately (for me!), the fashion world has finally caught on! Since I follow and love all things even remotely related to design (and fashion and furnishings!), I’ve noticed neon colors are temporarily in…hopefully they’ll stay “in” (for adults!) a little longer!

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