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The kids are home for winter break, and it seems like there’s nothing to keep them occupied. They’ve opened their presents and played with their toys. Their friends are out of town so there are no scheduled play dates. So now what?

Here’s a fun activity you can do at home to keep your little ones busy without taking up a lot of your time. (more…)

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thumbnail1For busy moms and dads…in UNDER 30 MINUTES!!!

I received this recipe from my dear friend, Liz, who is all about making life easier and more fun for busy moms like herself. She is a mother of two from Yakima, WA. She says that her kids (ages 5 and 3) love this dish, and that, “It is definitely easy and SUPER yummy, too!” (I’d like to see our messiest eaters get their hands on this one.) (more…)

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