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I looked out the window this morning, and to my dismay, it is STILL rainy and it looks disgusting outside. It can be tough to entertain kids on rainy days – barbies and legos can only entertain for so long! Have fun with your kiddo and turn a gloomy day into one of the prettiest days by painting their umbrella with a fanciful pattern. It only takes a few supplies and a child-size umbrealla. So by the time it dries….they can be “dancing in the rain” with their new fancy umbrella!


  • You will need a kid’s nylon umbrella (paint won’t stick to a plastic one)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Permanent waterproof paint, such as fabric paint or acrylic

How To:

Note: Follow the manufacturer’s directions: Some fabric paints require the addition of fixative; others require ironing the umbrella after painting.

1.    Carefully cover the work surface with newspaper before you begin, and have your child wear a smock.

2.    Once finished, keep the umbrella open overnight.

3.    The paint must dry completely before you close it or use it.

4.    Tah-Dah!

Another fun idea is singing the song “Rain, Rain, Go Away” with your kids! Here are the lyrics:

Rain, rain, go away

Come again some other day

We want to go outside and play

Come again some other day!

Optional Lyrics – change the third line to say:

[child’s name] and [sibling or friend’s name]

want to play


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Oh BABY! Check out this week’s “Store Spotlight” with Baby, It’s You in Riverdale, NY.  Rose Ann Milo, owner of Baby, It’s You, tells us about her fun feng shui tactics in her store, embroidering heirloom items for kids and making it in the business for 34 successful years.

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1.    What is your best or most memorable moment in your store?
Rose Ann:
My grand opening party 34 years ago! All of my friends and family were there to support me.  It was happiness, and loving and caring people who supported me.

2.    What sets you apart as a successful children’s store?
Rose Ann: The uniqueness of a store and being able to walk a customer through an entire store and really know your product. After a customer shops, it’s good to individually wrap each item and personally deliver items throughout your neighborhood if necessary. We also hand paint anything that is wood and embroider anything with cloth. For example, for a “baby’s first birth” we embroider on a cute blankie or towel. A unique type of embroidery we offer at our store is when customers buy a christening slip or gown, we embroider the date to make it an heirloom that can be passed down through the generations.

3.    You probably have seen hundreds of mommies and daddies come through your store and hear them speaking with their children – what is the funniest or sweetest thing you have heard come out of a child’s mouth recently?
Rose Ann: What comes to my mind is that a lot of the children don’t speak, they just CRY. Ha!  There are so many babies coming into my store on a daily basis.

4.    Are you a Riverdale, New York native? Describe the neighborhood your store is in for us.
Rose Ann: Yes, I am a Riverdale native!  Hm, how would I describe our neighborhood? Riverdale is one of the most sophisticated places to live. We have the best schools and it is an amazing place for education. There is a great park that overlooks the palisades too. Overall, it is a city with a strong country feeling. You could go 2 blocks off the main road and you will feel like you are in the country.  I really love how it is a melting pot with all different walks of life.

Red Envelope and an Evil Eye

5.    What is one fact about your store that a typical customer wouldn’t know?
Rose Ann: 
I had feng shui performed on my store for good luck and good sales!  I have a Chinese red envelope in the back of my store filled with rice for good luck too! I also have a crystal ball in the front of the store, along with an evil eye.

6.    What type of clothing did you wear growing up as kid? What tip would you give to a parent dressing a child? Do you have a picture of you as a kid you can share with us?
Rose Ann:
When I was a kid, we wore uniforms at school and after school we switched into casual clothing. I remember on the weekend, we went to Manhattan to buy our coats and fancy clothes. My tip for any parent would be to NOT buy clothing that is too big. So many parents these days buy clothing that is swimming on their children. The parents buy too big to try and get a longer wear out of the clothing, but it just doesn’t look right!

7.    What is 1 tip you would give a parent on how to update your child’s wardrobe this summer?
Rose Ann: Buy 3 or 4 different outfits where you can mix and match them with basic colors.  Accessories can also change an outfit very easily – I always love adding a headband or belt to make the outfit look updated. 

8.    If you had one piece of advice for someone entering children’s retail today, what would it be?
Rose Ann: Walk away!  Just joking. In all fairness, in this economy it is very difficult to have a great childrenswear boutique. If you are established you are okay [for business], but even customers who have money in this economy want a discount!  But on a more positive note if you do want to start a store, make it as unique as possible and make it a full service store – walk the customer through the whole store, allow them to try any outfit on, and personalize the item. Make your store have things you can’t find on mass distribution type level like a Target. Wrapping is key!

9.    What collection or piece from Le Top or Le Top Baby line do you love from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection?
Rose Ann: The ducky group [Daisy Duck Collection] is the BEST! Absolutely the best!

3727 Riverdale Avenue
Riverdale, New York 10463

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For over 32 years, le•top has been creating quality clothing for kids and babies.  Now receive the latest updates and interact directly with le•top on our newly launched Facebook page.

Get the low-down on what’s fashionable and fabulous in the PCB (parenting, child, and baby) le•top online community – Become a fan and join our page @ http://www.facebook.com/le top

Don’t be shy.

Follow us on Twitter: @letop
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No, I did NOT say that!

No, I did NOT say that!

My friend, Jessica’s daughter figured out how to take photos with her iPhone. As Jessica scrolled through her phone’s photos, she found pictures of EVERYTHING going on in their house: Her daughter’s bedroom, the play room, home decorations, and and yes… a VERY candid shot of Jessica nursing her newborn baby. She tried to delete the photo but her daughter ran off with her phone saying,

Mommy, don’t worry. There’s NOOOOO nipple in the shot!”

– Kya, age 5

Editor’s Note:
Please spread the giggles by sharing your funny quotes with us!

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Hop Skip N Jump's Store Front Along the Old Underground Railroad

Hop Skip N Jump's Store Front Along the Old Underground Railroad

Heidi Strimpfel loved shopping at the local children’s store in the quaint and historic town of Springboro, Ohio. When Heidi learned the owner of Hop Skip n Jump had decided to sell the store her first thought was “Where will I shop?” Her next thought was…I would love to make a change in my life – so she entered into negotiations to buy the lovely boutique! Heidi has a background in business, and with her accounting knowledge realized that the little business would be a perfect fit for her talents.

Hop Skip n Jump had been in business for 7 years when Heidi made her decision to ‘jump’ into the children’s clothing business – that was 11 years ago! Heidi has fine tuned the boutique into a desired destination for doting grandmothers and professional mothers who love the assortment and quality of Heidi’s carefully chosen selections. One of the store’s specialties is special occasion clothing. One customer declares “if you’re looking for a christening gown or First Communion gown and everything you’re finding appears to be cookie-cutter and not special, make a trip up to Hop Skip and Jump in Springboro, you won’t be disappointed.”

Heidi and Her Wears

Heidi and Her Wears

The charming boutique is located on a lovely, tree lined street in Springboro, Ohio – a mecca for history buffs. Springboro, established in the early 1800’s and settled predominately by Quakers, was a major stop on the Underground Railroad. The building that the store occupies was built around the time of the Civil War, is on the National Historic Register and was the town’s original Dry Goods store. Tour groups regularly make a stop to visit the notable site. Heidi loves putting together eclectic merchandise groupings, using an antique display case and the fireplaces that grace every room. Integrating the beautiful merchandise while paying homage to the significant history of the area makes Hop Skip n Jump very special.

Take a stroll through the historic area, and visit Heidi at:
Hop Skip n Jump
220 S Main St
Springboro, OH 45066
(937) 748-9000

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Boxes and Boxes

Boxes Can Have a Second Life in a Garden

When it comes to saving our planet – every little bit helps. Recently we posted how we at le•top recycle our eco-friendly “trash”.  Shipments of garments come through each week and we end up with the  inevitable by-product – an overabundance of cardboard boxes.  Needless to say, we seized the opportunity to donate the boxes to the Hercules Sustainable Community Garden, which in turn uses them in their organic gardens in Hercules, CA.  With the help of our SUPER employees Linda and Tony, we hooked up with this group and hauled off a ton of boxes!

Hercules Letter

Click to See Full Size Letter

The Hercules Sustainable Community Garden Foundation was so sweet, they sent us a thank you letter and are promoting le•top on their site!  Moving one baby step closer to being a “green” company brings all of us at le•top peace of mind.

In return, a big thank you is due to the HSCGF for putting together this wonderful project.  We can’t wait to take a lunch time stroll around the beautiful community gardens when they are planted!

For those of you in the SF Bay Area, HSCGF is always looking for volunteers to get their hands dirty.  Get to know your neighbors while learning some new sustainable and organic gardening techniques.  Their website can be found at http://sites.google.com/site/herculesgardening/

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source: celebritypregnancy.sheknows.com/

source: celebritypregnancy.sheknows.com/

It’s baby boom time in celebrity land!

Mira Sorvino gave birth to Holden Paul Terry Backus June 22nd.  He weighed 8lbs 12oz.

Jason Priestly and his wife Naomi Lowde-Priestly welcomed their baby boy on July 9th.  No name or weight has been released yet.

Molly Ringwald welcomed her twins on Friday July 10th.  Adele Georgina Ringwald Gianopoulous entered the world first and 10 minutes later her little brother Roman Stylianos Ringwald Gianopoulous was delivered.

Congratulations to all the new parents!!

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