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Goore's Babies to Teens store in Sacramento, CA

Goore's Babies to Teens store in Sacramento, CA

Not too long ago, one of our favorite stores, Goore’s Babies to Teens was named the winner of The Cradle‘s contest for America’s Best Baby Boutique. Here’s a little bit of what they said:

Family-owned Sacramento-based Goore’s is the best of both worlds: While the store is 30,000 square feet and carries as much inventory as any superstore, the customer service and attention to detail rival that of a cozy boutique…”

We know what they mean, because even from a business perspective, we love working with Goore’s. As much as we pride ourselves here at le•top about the high standards we set for our own customer service, I can say that Goore’s sets their standards just as high. And with that many square feet, you can imagine they sell everything you might possibly want to “outfit” not only your baby, but also the nursery, the playroom, the car — you name it, Goore’s will most likely carry only the very best of it. And of course, they have both le•top and rabbit moon brands in baby sizes, so go have a peek! They have a great baby shower – baby gift registry, so it is easy to register and shop for everything ‘baby.’

Congratulations to everyone at Goore’s for their top place finish as People’s Choice Winner for America’s Best Baby Boutique Contest!

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