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nursery_after2It’s finally done! After two weeks of nesting, our nursery is ready for baby. This room was our spare room. Actually it was my husband’s personal space/office space (a.k.a. “The Doghouse”). As soon as we found out we were pregnant, he moved into MY office. Now we have to play nice in our shared office to give our new child his/her own bedroom. The things we give up… it’s all worth it.

The first project to tackle was to empty out the closet. It was full of empty boxes, files, rolls of gift wrap, an air mattress, extra pillows and linens for guests, and other random things. It was like a huge junk drawer! We didn’t know where we were going to put all of THAT stuff.

Next, we had to dig through our garage, my parents’ garage, and other storage areas in our house to look for the baby stuff (swing, bouncer, crib, toys, clothes, play yard, etc.) Good thing I’m so meticulous: I’d put everything back in the same boxes after my first-born stopped using them, and labeled everything so I’d know what we had without having to open up every box. Surprisingly, since all the baby stuff came out of storage, we found space for all the closet junk. Yippee!

Thirdly, I had to make sure all the bedding and clothes were cleaned, washed and ready for use. I know I still have roughly 8 more weeks to go but I figure, I could always wash the sheets and clothes again each week. It’s best to be prepared than not.

Lastly, I had my husband hang the curtains, shelves and art on the walls. Ahhh… now I can rest easy knowing that my nest is ready.nursery_collage

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Miranda is wearing le•top's Buttons and Bows dress from the 2008 Winter Collection.

Miranda assessing the nursery for magic (in one of her favorite le•top dresses: Buttons and Bows)

Miranda has been very excited about being a big sister since the moment she found out — which was about when I was 8 weeks pregnant. Every day she’s been asking when her new baby was coming. So if I do a quick calculation, that’s 161 days of asking, “Is the baby coming today? Will the baby come tomorrow? When’s the end of March?” (And I have roughly 63 more days of questioning. Oh, dear, help me!) (more…)

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