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Cathy Kightlinger/The Indianapolis Star/AP

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and his wife of 10 years, Ashley, have added to their family in a big way. On March 31st in Indianapolis they welcome twins Marshall Williams and Mosley Thompson into their lives according to The Neshoba Democrat, the hometown paper of Manning’s mom, Olivia Manning.

These tots would look adorable in Le Top’s “Sunny Ducky” stripe sleeveless romper (for Marshall) and the matching “Sunny Ducky” flower print sunsuit top and ruffle panty (for Mosley).

Peyton’s brother, Eli’s baby is only a couple weeks old. How great is it that the cousins will be the same age. It certainly makes play dates easier.

Le Top "Sunny Ducky" stripe sleeveless romper and the matching “Sunny Ducky” flower print sunsuit top and ruffle panty.

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Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Giants quarterback Eli Manning, 30, welcomed a baby girl with wife Abby on Monday, March 21.

Baby girl Ava Frances wasn’t due until April but arrived early, weighing 7-pounds, 4-ounces. This is the couple’s first child.

The college sweethearts married in April 2008 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. According to the NY Post, the couple has expanded their home by adding a “baby wing” to accommodate their new family member. Congratulations to Eli and Abby!

You know this baby will be gorgeous. We think our Rabbitmoon “Geranium” capri jumpsuit would complement her beautifully this spring!

Rabbitmoon "Geranium" capri jumpsuit

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No, I did not say that!

Mom, I can’t clean my room now. I’m watching the soccer game on TV!”

– Erin, age 4

Editor’s Note:
Please spread the giggles by sharing your funny quotes with us!

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Super Bowl is this Sunday and on top of cleaning the house and prepping for your big party – make it easier on yourself and cook simple finger foods to entertain and feed your guests. Here are 3 recipes that are sure to please the football madness at your home – and even the kids!

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Not sure if you are reading this blog item and you are from New York or the east coast, but there have been major blizzards there the past two days. I barely made it back to California for my friend’s birthday in Lake Tahoe. On the way to California, I was re-routed to Utah – a beautiful state with unbelievable snow. My boyfriend’s niece was geared up and ready to go skiing. This morning as I was bidding farewell, I got to watch her try on her K1 skis and get fitted for her helmet. What I found interesting is that she wanted to pick her helmet before trying on her skis! I think it is fantastic that she learning ski safety at age 3, and she even remembered from last winter ski season the importance of helmets from when she first learned to ski at age 2 (see picture). It’s all about safety!

Head injuries are one of the biggest contributing factors toward deaths in the snow, so it’s vital you teach your children early about the importance of wearing a helmet.

Purchasing a helmet for your kids when they ski is one of the first important steps before going to the snow and learning to ski.

What to consider:

  • Does the helmet come with a certified safety standard? Check for a label of certification.
  • Is it made for skiing? Don’t opt for letting your child wear their bike helmet instead just to save money.
  • Ensure that the helmet fits your child’s head correctly. If it doesn’t fit, there it completely defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.
  • It is recommended that you purchase brand new, as most helmets need to be replaced if they have been involved in an impact.
  • Check if it has a UV rating and protect your little one’s eyes.

How to know if it fits
When looking at kids ski helmets refer to a sizing chart to assist you. Most helmets are measured in centimeters.


  1. Measure the circumference of your head (just above the eyebrows) for the most accurate measurement.
  2. When a helmet is on and secured under your child’s chin, you should only be able to fit one finger between the strap and the chin
  3. When secure you should be able to place 2 fingers above the eyebrow as a measure before you hit the front top of the helmet
  4. Check to make sure the back of the helmet doesn’t touch the nape of the neckline.
  5. Ensure ear pads are covering the ears
  6. If you tilt your child’s head backwards the helmet should not move

NOTE: If you are wearing goggles, it’s important to fit your helmet with these on as they do impact on the weight and fitting of the helmet.

ALL IN ALL? Kids ski helmets are no longer considered “not cool” or “dorky” – they are cool and a fun new accessory to purchase during the winter season or a great holiday vacation!

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Photo by: Richard Young/Getty

David and Victoria Beckham confirmed this Sunday with People that they are expecting their 4th child this summer. Siblings Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz will be excited to play with their new brother or sister! What Le Top Spring 2011 baby outfit would you pick? We think this neutral tea green Le Top Baby Petit Duckling kimono shirt and yoga pants would be a cute outfit for take-me-home for the Beckhams. Click on photo for link to Le Top. 

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It’s been a hectic couple of months, so our family (me, my husband, Lilah and my parents) booked a getaway to Mexico to lounge, sightsee, and spend some time together. Though we have traveled with Lilah on a plane before, she was too small to remember or really be part of the process. This was going to be her first adventure to another country!!!

Most airlines have a rule of one checked bag and one carry-on (no liquids, scissors, etc.) so we really had to plan our packing. I felt that Lilah should be able to carry all of her own bags so we got her a nifty rolling suitcase. She already had a small backpack that converts to a rolling bag so we were set. She loved that she had the same set up as all of the adults and looked adorable going through the airport.

Lilah was the only one short enough to go through the Mayan tunnel at the Coba ruins.

The security check turned into a game as to who could get through and get redressed first. Quick Tip: When flying don’t forget to make sure your child has gum, a sippy cup/bottle to suck on or is cooperative enough to try and repressurize their own ears. I remembered this only once we started the decent, so other than some temporary ear pain on 3 of the 4 flights, she passed the airtime with flying colors and was even given a “pair of wings” from the airline.

As you are probably aware, being away from home in a strange environment for a whole week can be stressful to a child. It didn’t matter how much fun she was having, when she was tired all she would say was “Can we go home and see the kitties?” It broke my heart every time. However, within a few days it changed to “Can we go back to the room?” We did our best to create a daily nap time since routines are so important for the little ones, especially when you’re traipsing through Mayan ruins or visiting unfamiliar places.

Pool time was the best since Lilah loves the water! She is comfortable in it, but cannot yet swim without a life vest. Most resorts have swim areas specifically for kids where the depth is shallow. Ours was set up like a beach where it gradually got deeper (no stairs). This enabled all of the adults to take turns playing in the water with her without her drowning us (by holding on to our necks) because six hours straight in the water is more than I can take

Lilah just couldn't get enough of the water. She wore us out while looking stylish in her Le Top Sweetheart Butterfly and Lots o' Fish swimsuits from our Spring 2010 season.

We practiced speaking the native language as much as possible all through our trip and Lilah would regularly skip along a path counting or saying colors she saw in Spanish. Having the grandparents along was a dream since my husband and I were able to get in a couple of excursions on our own. The trip was too short but it was nice to recharge our batteries in a beautiful paradise. I can’t wait to do it again and Lilah is already talking about the next trip. I guess I need to get out the calendar!

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Here at Le Top, our Warehouse Manager Daryle made a bet with his oldest daughter Kiyera (16). Normally, Daryle loves his bald head, but decided it was time to show his love for the Giants…and his daughter.

He started growing his hair during the NLCS playoffs when the Giants clinched the division on October 3rd. He vowed not to cut it until the season was over. The moment the closing pitch landed in the Buster Posey’s glove to seal the divison title, Daryle told Kiyera that if the Giants win the World Series, she could shave his hair any way she wanted and that he would wear it that way for a day!! Well, you know the Giants won the World Series!! Go GIANTS!! Kiyera wasted no time after the game. With spectators in towe, she dragged Daryle into the bathroom to shave his head. Check out her masterpiece below! I think Daryle may be keeping this style for a while to show off how proud he is of Kiyera, and it looks pretty good on him!


Photos and story courtesy of Marilyn in our Customer Care Department.

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For those of you who may not know Le Top is located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.  Things are pretty exciting around here right now – our home team is in the World Series!  Today was “Giants Day” in the office – with an explosion of Orange and Black clothing – Orange Cupcakes and Cookies and the low hum of dedicated sports fans discussing the series.  We snapped some photos – so the world will know where we stand:


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Even though I don’t have children, I find that I always want my nephews and nieces to be ‘the best’.  Even the other mothers I hang out with want their kids to be the best…best at school, best athletic, best artist, best musician, first to learn the widest vocabulary, first to read…whatever it may be.  But how healthy is it to have this attitude and what makes kids this way – and eventually evolve into competitive parents and adults?

It seems like competitiveness really sets in at around 5-years-old or so – my nephew Otto is just getting to that age where he is in Kindergarten and bonding with classmates.

I personally feel like in our society today, kids compete with one another for selective schools, sports teams, after-school activities and more.  I often see with parents I know that they feel that discouraging competition will put their child at a disadvantage.  We tend to send our kids mixed messages where we want them to have fun and be carefree about being the “best”, but also want them to have what it takes to be successful. Because of this, I often think about how competitive should your child be at certain ages? What is appropriate?

Competition isn’t inherently good or bad, but it can have positive and negative consequences. In my opinion, competitiveness can be a good thing, as long as you help your kids compete in a healthy way.

The competitive spirit among kids my nephew’s age is related to their increasing sense of know-how, where the kids gauge by comparing themselves with their friends.

I hear friends discussing how their daughter can tie her shoes or ride a bike and we praise a child for learning something new…but when they get to school they want to be the “best” compared to their friends or other kids in the classroom.

According to veteran teacher Vivian Gussin Playe, author of You Can’t Say You Can’t Play (Harvard University Press), “When there’s a classroom birthday party, for example, kids are miserable if they’re left without a seat during a game of musical chairs.” I think its important in times like these to emphasize taking turns, learning, effort and how fun an activity can be instead.

Of course, some kids are more competitive than others. To a certain extent, this is a matter of personality, but boys tend to be more competitive than girls. I find that siblings are often very competitive with one another because the younger sibling “can’t keep up” with the older sibling – sound familiar? Some kids also feel the need to excel in order to win love and attention from their parents.

It’s perfectly normal for your child to make casual comparisons between theirself and their friends. Help your child become more aware of how bragging can hurt other kids’ feelings. It’s also important to be a good role model. Listen to yourself when you talk about your accomplishments, and pay attention to whether you tend to compare yourself with others.  Seeing is believing and your child will learn a healthy level of competitiveness.

Here are Steps on How to Handle Competitiveness in a Fair Way: 

  • Emphasize personal best
  • Buy thoughtfully – Many kids ask for the newest gadgets or toys – make sure it’s not just a present to ‘one-up’ their friends…rather buy it for a good reason such as a holiday or birthday.
  • Talk about role models. – Point out child heroes who help others
  • Ask the right questions. Don’t ask about winning. Ask what your child is learning at school, not how she did on tests; ask how he felt about the game, not who won; ask whether the party was fun, not who was there and what they wore.
  • Refuse to keep score – For example, if you say you are jealous of your brother’s new car, you will teach your kids to judge others by what they have.  Or cheer for your kids during games or sports despite if the team is winning or losing.

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