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A mother and father were discussing employee issues at the dinner table when their son gave them a suggestion…

I think you should have cards in your office like we have at school. Make them turn there cards to blue when they’re in trouble. That means they need to go to your office, Daddy, and call their wives. Then there won’t be anymore problems.”

–Patrick, age 4

Editor’s Note:
Please spread the giggles by sharing your funny quotes with us!

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For those of you who may not know Le Top is located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.  Things are pretty exciting around here right now – our home team is in the World Series!  Today was “Giants Day” in the office – with an explosion of Orange and Black clothing – Orange Cupcakes and Cookies and the low hum of dedicated sports fans discussing the series.  We snapped some photos – so the world will know where we stand:


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Office life can bring hours of munching, lots of caffeine, and a whole lot of sitting so we do our best to get outside and exercise at least once a day.  A good portion of our staff enjoys lunchtime walks around our quaint, industrial local. Two of my co-workers, TC and Dennis, took one such walk today, but received something a little extra than they had bargained for.

Dennis and TC after their surprise run in the rain and hail

The weather forecaster had predicted it was going to rain today, along with thunderstorms throughout the area.  Before TC and Dennis’ walk, it had appeared there were only partial cloudy skies, and they didn’t think twice about stepping out for their usual walk.  About halfway through their normal route, a swift moving storm blew in and the sky opened up and poured!  Needless to say, they started RUNNING and made it back to the office, only to be thoroughly soaked from head-to-toe, and a little beat up from the hail!  TC reported, “At first it was just sprinkling and then [it] just let loose!”  Fortunately, they both live very close to the office, and they were able to drive home and get a dry change of clothes!

Moral of the story: listen to the weather forecaster…and never rely on your California weather “instincts” no matter how long you have lived here!

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Puppy friends- Sarah 2

Sarah, Rudy and Krypton

Sarah, our “Dragon Boat Queen” and assistant designer, was recently asked to do a little puppy-sitting (are you sick of hearing about puppies yet?!) We were in the midst of our weekly blog meeting when Rudy, a long-haired teacup Chihuahua was dropped off to Sarah at the office!  Our meeting came to an immediate stop so we could all swoon over the little guy!  Even Krypton, Head Designer Pat’s wonder dog, came in to say “Howdy!” 

Awww…just another day at le•top – livin’ and lovin’ all things warm and wonderful!

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We admit it, we are American Idol fans. It is the topic of “water cooler” conversation on Wednesday and Thursday starting in January, every year. We love the “Bad” people. We swoon over the cuties (each year we realize how much grosser that gets, as we get older, and they get younger!). We argue over the top 12 (errr…13, this year), then top 10, 5, 3, and finally, who is going to win.

The elimination list on the sales office wall...

The elimination or "out" list on the sales office window seen from the hallway...

This year the office was divided. I had my heart set on Danny Gokey from the minute he tried out in Jacksonville and was super excited when he made it all the way to number 3 (a mere “poor song choice” knocked him out, but I have faith that he will be back!). Diana was extremely upset when her dream hunk, Matt Giraud was kicked off. She swore she was not going to watch it anymore! TC (and the majority of the office) was rooting for Adam Lambert all the way. None of us ever imagined that Kris Allen would be the winner, but once my Danny got the axe, I was rooting for Kris. He had me at “Heartless”.  His rendition of Kanye West’s song was just amazing! I even downloaded the song off iTunes and have been playing it every day on my commute into le•top!

...and the Winner! Neener, neener, neener, KRI-ISSS WOO-OON!

...and the Winner! Neener, neener, neener, KRI-ISSS WOOOOO-WON!

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Okay, you play with that, and I'll take this

Okay, you play with that, and I'll take this

Sarah, who left le•top last year when her daughter, Ella was born, came into the office today to say “hello” and to get Ella (16 months) fitted for her star modeling turn at the upcoming photo shoot in January. As it seems with most kids with animals, Ella made a beeline for Olive. Ella has a dog of her own, Chewy, who is much more like a horse than a dog (that’s another story!), but all dogs seem the same to her. Ella is very comfortable around Olive, and of course, we all know Olive thinks she’s a person, so they had a great playdate at le•top this morning! Looking at this photo, we’re wondering who wanted to play with what, but they worked out the details in their secret language and got along famously. Ella is wearing one of the rabbit moon signature tracksuits — this one is from the upcoming spring 2009 “Soleil” Collection, which will be shipping to stores this month (the fall 2008 rabbit moon signature tracksuits are still in stores for both girls and boys). Ella looks like she’s ready to take Olive for a little jog around the block!

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Lilah by the office Christmas tree

Lilah by the office Christmas tree

I brought my daughter into the office this morning for a quick visit and to try on some clothes. As usual she walked around with me staring blankly at everyone, not really giving an indication that she was happy to be here. Everyone in the office said, “Hi Lilah” in their sweetest voices and talked to her. No response. A few people did their best to make her smile by bobbing behind me while I held her. They made funny faces and sounds, anything to get a rise out of her.


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I am so thankful I live in a world full of cute children’s clothes, cute grandchildren, and cute kids!  (It is very difficult to take the word ‘cute’ out of our vocabulary here at le•top. We once tried to do a presentation without the words ‘little’ or ‘cute’ and we failed miserably!)

I know that in the ‘real’ world, having a ‘monkey on your back’ has a completely different meaning than here at le•top! Poor Olive – I think Dennis, our IT manager, and Christopher, our credit manager, were messin’ with Olive today!

Poor, long-suffering Olive...

Office having fun at the office! (editor's note: Poor, long-suffering Olive...!)

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