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Proof for Mr. Tech Wiz

Proof for Mr. Tech Wiz

Sweetie decided we must see SNOW this holiday season, so we’re in SNOWY Vermont! Before I left, I was able to easily send myself a text message of Yellow Turtle‘s contact information right from le•top’s store locator so that I had it on my mobile phone…Coolio! (Mr. Tech Wiz will be so proud of me! See? We actually can easily embrace new technologies here at le•top!). I wanted Yellow Turtle’s info, because they’re in Stowe (where we are going next), visiting the SNOW. I can’t wait to leave this wonderfully warm sofa seat, in front of this wonderfully warm fireplace, to go visit the SNOW, and see the sights of Stowe! (If anyone from Vermont is reading this, I could sure use some help figuring out the best store to buy a pair of warm snow boots for myself. I have a feeling these sneakers aren’t going to cut it out there).


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