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This past Friday was our annual employee potluck at Le Top – a tradition that manages to ring up more calories in a single day than ANYONE needs to consume (everyone brings in a favorite dish), but also rings up a lot of laughter! – we “work” in the morning (yeah, right…) and then gather for the feast.

Let the feast commence!

Let the feast commence!

You hear comments like, “I hope Christopher brought in the salmon” (he did!) and “Yeah! Linda made her divine divinity!” We have a very diverse staff (One day, I counted the languages spoken here – I think it was around 10?!?), so it is really fun (and sometimes quite interesting) to try everyone’s ‘regional’ cuisine. Our international menu included good ole’ American (mac n’ cheese), Chinese (roast duck and noodles), Mexican and South American (pass the hot sauce!) and German (great potato salad!). (more…)

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