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Here are some cute and cheap ideas to cut down on wrapping time (yes, stop staying up until 1am trying to wrap crazy Christmas gifts) with these ideas:

1) Band Together
Skip ribbon and use supersize rubber bands to hold stacked boxes in place.

2) North Pole Carryall
For oversized toys and playthings, aka your own extra-large gift bag by adding strips of red duct tape to a white garbage bag.

3) Be Green and use a nice napkin tied with scrap ribbon!
Bundle a plate of homemade cookies or brownies in a reusable napkin tied with a scrap of ribbon.

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So as per usual, my hero, Martha Stewart, thought of another great recipe! Today is the 2nd day of Hanukkah and I am going to celebrate with my boyfriend’s family on Friday…I thought it would be fun to make this dessert dish for his two nieces. Essentially I am going to give them gifts and “hop” the kids up on sugar – ha ha!  Read this adorable recipe below that is fast, fun and well, cute, cute and more cute!

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