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We went from sunny beach days to cold rainy days in a blink of an eye! Just when I put away the raincoats and rain boots, the rain comes. Good thing I didn’t get a car wash after our road trip.

Usually my son, Paulo and I would walk my daughter, Miranda to her classroom when we drop her off at school. If it’s drizzling a little, we’ll still walk her to class. (At pick up time, if it’s raining too hard that I can’t pick up my daughter at her classroom, she and I have agreed on a Plan B. It’s very important to have a contingency plan – for her safety – when our normal routine gets interrupted.)

Click on this photo to link to Paulo's Le Top "Under Construction" tee

This morning, although it wasn’t raining too hard, it was quite windy. So I parked the car, bundled up my daughter in her bright green slicker, and watched her walk from the gate all the way to her classroom with her little rainbow umbrella moving past the other kids. Paulo, nice and warm in his car seat, sadly looked out the wet window and murmured “Bye, Sister! ‘Rada go school.”


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Howdy partner!

This little dude, Nate (almost 3-years-old), loves superheroes and cowboys, and enjoys “saving” his friends on the playground while wearing a real or pretend cape. In this photo he’s wearing his favorite cowboy costume on top of his Le Top “Bumper Cars” collection shirt from a past season. Too cute!

Nate also has fun directing family music jam sessions while playing his toy piano and wants to be a tiger or firefighter when he grows up. Awwe! Congratulations Nate for earning the title of Le Top Darling of the Day!

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