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Rabbitmoon "Geranium" Smocked Baby Doll Dress

Watching plants grow is a learning experience for children. Planting an herb garden with your child can help her understand where her food comes from and develop an appreciation for growing plants and gardening. Many herbs are easy to grow, making them a perfect introduction to gardening for kids. With summer here and plenty of sun, you might consider growing all you need to make your cooking sing in your own garden or backyard. Herbs don’t need much space and you don’t need to be a green-fingered wizard, either. You don’t even need a garden! In fact, you can start with a few pots on a windowsill or in a small sunny corner. When the plants are mature, you can all enjoy sampling the herbs you grew together.

The easiest herbs to grow are mustard and cress (and they go well in lunchtime egg mayonnaise or roast beef sandwiches!).

Take several empty egg cartons and fill the hollows where the eggs sat with cotton wool. Sprinkle on mustard and cress seeds and water gently. Place in a sunny spot and the seeds should germinate in about a week. Keep the cotton wool moist while the herbs are growing. Harvest with kitchen scissors when the plants are 4-5cm tall and add to egg mayonnaise, potato salad or roast beef sandwiches.

Step 1
Decide whether to plant your herb garden in indoor pots, outdoor containers or directly in your garden. Start with thyme, rosemary, marjoram, basil and chives, recommends the University of Rhode Island. Plant indoors only if you have a window that provides at least six hours of sunlight every day or if you have access to a grow light.

Step 2
Sit down with your child and open the seed packets or look at the seedlings. Explain to him that the seeds are the brain of the plant. Purchase rosemary and chives as seedlings for better success.

Step 3
Amend your outdoor soil by working an organic fertilizer such as compost or soil mix into your garden with a trowel. Spoon potting soil into your containers, making certain the pots have drainage holes. Explain to your child that the soil amendments give your herbs the necessary nutrients.

Step 4
Have your child to sprinkle the seeds directly on top of the garden soil or into containers, following the planting directions for spacing. Be generous when planting herbs from seed to allow for inevitable seed loss. Lightly cover the newly planted seeds with soil. Tell your child to mark the row with a stake or plastic spoon.

Step 5
Dig a shallow hole in the soil for the purchased seedlings. Loosen the plant from its container. Give the plant to your child and help her set it into the prepared hole. Place the top of the root ball level with the top of the soil. Ask your child to push soil around the plant, packing it firmly so the seedling does not move.

Step 6
Water the new plants and seeds immediately. Water outdoor plants frequently in dry weather. Ask your child to water your indoor plants with a watering can. Watch for the seeds to push a tiny green stalk and leaf through the soil and look for new growth on the seedlings.

Step 7
Fertilize your plants using an organic herb fertilizer. Show your child how to thin the new plants by gently pulling out the smallest plants. Watch for insects, advises Utah State University, even though herbs usually attract fewer insects.

Step 8
Use the fresh herbs in recipes you and your child make. Pinch leaves directly off the mature plants and sprinkle on salads, in sauces or casserole dishes. Involve your child by asking him to get the herbs from your herb garden before you begin cooking.

Have fun!

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Photo: Flynet

Think PINK for Pink! The singer, 31, announced yesterday via Twitter the birth of her daughter, Willow Sage Hart, in Los Angeles. “We are ecstatic to welcome our new beautiful healthy happy baby girl, Willow Sage Hart,” Pink wrote. “She’s gorgeous, just like her daddy [Carey Hart]. #beyondblessed”

Cheers to the new parents and the birth of Willow! We think she might just have to visit our Rabbitmoon baby gifts page and pick out her favorite outfit for her new little one.

These Rabbitmoon outfits could be adorable picks!

Geranium Collection Tiered Ruffle Bubble
Empress Collection Ruffle Bubble 
Rose Plush Blanket 


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We were lucky enough to interview one of the CUTEST boutiques in Charlotte, North Carolina this week for our Premier Store Spotlight – The Milky Way! Owners Wooten and Adam Schmitz gave us their insight on what items a new mommy needs, their rule of thumb on children’s style and being prepared for parents looking for the hottest items to buy their kiddos this summer. Read more below to find out about this adorable boutique and their “fun in the sun” summer sales!

The Milky Way
1419 East Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203

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1.    What was your inspiration/ behind opening your children’s clothing store – The Milky Way?
Wooten: The original idea behind the store was to have everything for new and nursing mothers. We started out with a lot of very practical products for mothers and a few very adorable things for kids. But the cute kid piece of the business very quickly became our favorite.

Le Top "Beechy Keen" Seahorse Monokini

2.    Tell us about any special events that you have planned at your store this summer and fun deals we can expect.
Wooten: We always have a couple of great summer sales in which customers can get great deals on “fun in the sun” items. We offer adorable swimsuits from Le Top, re-usable swim diapers with cute prints, wide-brimmed sunhats and the safest and most eco-friendly sunscreens from California Baby.

3.    Describe the neighborhood of your store in Charlotte, North Carolina where your store is located. Did you grow up in the local area?
Wooten: We are located in the Dilworth area of Charlotte, which is a really interesting mixture of affluence and funkiness. It boasts lots of clothing and gift boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. I did not grow up in Charlotte, but it has long been considered the Carolina’s shopping mecca. We used to travel regularly to Charlotte from my small hometown in eastern North Carolina in order to shop, get our hair cut, and then eat at great restaurants. That was many years ago, but Charlotte hasn’t changed a bit in that respect.

4.    Summer break from school for kids is just around the corner. What are 3 vacation clothing must-have items that are in your store for summer?
Wooten: Our swim and skincare products, of course. We still have some beautiful sundress for girls, including this year’s best seller – Le Top’s Poppies collection.

5.   Where are your favorite family hangouts in the Charlotte, NC area?

Wooten: We love Discovery Place located uptown and have always enjoyed our visits to the Charlotte Nature Museum right here in Dilworth. And, of course, many summer hours are spent at our neighborhood swim club.

6.    Tell us…before you “had kids or grandkids, what is one thing you swore you’d never…?” Please share!
Wooten: There are so many things I thought I’d never do that I ended up doing.  It’s really kind of embarrassing to think about how little I knew. But if I had to choose one, it would be “buying” my children’s good behavior with the promise of ice cream — or some other delicious treat – later.

Le Top "Poppies" Stripe Umbrella Top & Print Capri Pants

7.    Tell us about a “special” moment that made your day working at your store.
Wooten: Honestly, the best moments for me are the ones in which I feel I’ve really helped make a struggling new mom’s life a little easier. Recently, I helped a young woman with a bra. She and her mother were both there. They’d been over the Charlotte metro area looking for a properly fitting nursing bra and were an the point on giving up until they got to The Milky Way. We fitted this new mom with three comfortable new bras and also reassured her that she was not alone in her difficulties. I got a hug and the most heartfelt thanks from both mother and grandmother as they departed, and it really did make my day!

8.    What do you think are the 3 perfect ingredients if there was a “recipe” for dressing a stylish child? Always having solid basics? The perfect tutu? Great jeans that are durable for the everyday play for boys? Tell us your ‘secret recipe’ on style.
Wooten: A stylish child is a happy child, so I’m big on comfort. I think some nice solids look great. Happy colors are a must for me. And I really believe that all children’s clothes should be from natural fibers. 100% cotton just can’t be beat from comfort, style and durability.

9.    What collection or piece from the Le Top or Le Top Baby line or Rabbitmoon do you love from the Spring/Summer 2011?
Wooten: I love the Le Top “Poppies” Collection! It’s so bold yet so feminine, and I think it really looks lovely on all skin types.

The Milky Way
1419 East Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203

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