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Paulo is wearing Chameleon Camouflage from Le Top’s 2011 Spring/Summer Collection.

I love when Paulo’s Mommy & Me class does activities for special holidays. It prepares him for the real deal when my family celebrates it at home. Yesterday, his teacher had an Easter egg hunt, arts and crafts, a bubble party, and a potluck snack time.

This is the first year that Paulo “gets” the egg hunt. He went out during recess with his Disney Cars pail and went on a search for colorful “balls” (as he would call the eggs). Each child gets to find a dozen eggs, but after Paulo found 3, he decided to ditch the egg hunt and go play on the slide. Oh, well. He doesn’t need all those candy-filled eggs anyway. At the potluck, there were sweet and savory treats. Not surprising, he pointed to the chocolate frosted brownie first. That’s all he wanted on his plate, however I also placed some fruits, cheese, crackers and turkey slices just in case. And SURPRISINGLY, he ate all his cheese and fruit. (Good boy!)

I wish every day could be this much fun. What a happy day!



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Bella my bella. Today’s stylish Darling shows us that it doesn’t get better than sitting poolside in Maui! Bella (3 ½) loves to make play dough cookies and throw birthday parties for all of her dolls. What fun! Congratualtions to Bella for being a true Le Top Darling of the Day!

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No, I did not say that!

No, Mommy, you cannot get the same haircut as me. Daddy will get us confused.”

– Miranda, age 6

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All of us at Le Top have been missing Kristin and eagerly awaiting the arrival of her little Elijah. Well… it’s official. He was born on Friday a little after 8 A.M. This big boy weighed in at almost 9 pounds. Mom and baby are doing well.

Here is a photo of him wearing Rabbitmoon to his first doctor’s appointment. I’m sure there will be many more photos to come of this handsome boy decked out in all of our fabulous clothes. We can’t wait to see him in person.

Congratulations to the entire family!

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James Devaney/WireImage

Today is Suri Cruise’s 5th birthday! How will the little fashionista celebrate the big day? Mom, Katie Holmes, told Ryan Seacrest while on his morning show, “This is my favorite day of the year, so we’re going to have a little tea party”.

Happy Birthday Suri! Have fun at your party!

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Photo: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

The actress and husband Dean McDermott are expecting baby number three.

Spelling Tweeted on Monday, “I know there’s been a lot of speculation, so I wanted everyone to hear from me … It’s official … Dean & I are PREGNANT!!!!,”

No matter what their baby’s gender we have that perfect “take home” outfit. The Le Top Baby “Little Lamb” Collection convertibag with a kimono front in tea green is oh so soft and will keep their baby safe and snug. Congratulations to Tori and Dean on your pregnancy!

Le Top Baby “Little Lamb” Collection convertibag with a kimono front

The actress, 37, and her husband Dean McDermott are already parents to: son Liam, 4, and daughter Stella, 2. McDermott is also dad to son Jack, 12, from a previous marriage.

In February she told PEOPLE that she was ready for another baby. She also sported a tiny baby bump at the GLAAD Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles. She told McDermott on Valentine’s Day and he said, “He was beyond surprised. Best gift ever!”

The baby’s gender will be kept a secret. “We’ve been blessed with a boy and girl already, so this time we’ve decided to do it the traditional way,’’ the Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings star told People.com

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Cami (16-months) is the sister of last week’s Darling, Ashlyn. The photogenic little lass would be difficult to say “no” to with those gorgeous baby blues. We’re told she is a true little lady who loves ANYTHING pink and has a passion for purses and phones! At this young age, she already has a little southern accent, so mom calls her “my lil’ southern belle”. Congratulations to Cami for being our Le Top Darling of the Day!

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No, I did not say that!

I want to get my haircut like Katie. She has fangs.

– Ellie, age 4

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Please spread the giggles by sharing your funny quotes with us!

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Cathy Kightlinger/The Indianapolis Star/AP

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and his wife of 10 years, Ashley, have added to their family in a big way. On March 31st in Indianapolis they welcome twins Marshall Williams and Mosley Thompson into their lives according to The Neshoba Democrat, the hometown paper of Manning’s mom, Olivia Manning.

These tots would look adorable in Le Top’s “Sunny Ducky” stripe sleeveless romper (for Marshall) and the matching “Sunny Ducky” flower print sunsuit top and ruffle panty (for Mosley).

Peyton’s brother, Eli’s baby is only a couple weeks old. How great is it that the cousins will be the same age. It certainly makes play dates easier.

Le Top "Sunny Ducky" stripe sleeveless romper and the matching “Sunny Ducky” flower print sunsuit top and ruffle panty.

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“I only want mommy to dress me” is a common request from many a toddler.  Whether it’s a daily routine like getting dressed, taking a bath or being put to bed, a child’s determination that “only mommy can do it!” can leave dad feeling rejected and mom feeling SO TIRED.

Children might become more interested in one particular parent for a variety of reasons. It may be that, in terms of personality, a child might wind up preferring one parent to the other. If one parent is full of energy all the time, an energetic toddler might be more drawn to them. Another cause of a toddler preferring one parent to the other can be the old saying that familiarity fosters contempt. If one parent stays home with the child all day long, the toddler might get much more excited when the other parent is around, just because he or she doesn’t get to see that parent as much as he does the other.

When you notice your toddler preferring one parent to the other, you should take some time to try to figure out why this is the case. If you are the parent that is not preferred, watch her activities and interests. Also watch how you tend to react to these. Also, this is a good time to teach your child what unconditional parental love means.

If this sounds familiar, read on for tips on how to cope if you’re not winning the popularity contest for your baby’s affection.

  1. Accept It.
    Like anything else in life, acceptance is KEY! It is most likely a phase, and not an uncommon one at that. Soon Daddy or Mommy will be jealous of the other. J
  2. Talk about It.
    If you genuinely have hurt feelings over the issue, talk to your spouse about it. Avoid blaming your hubby because he didn’t cause the situation, and in all truth, he probably feels overwhelmed and super tired.
  3. Know that you’re not alone.
    No matter how you may feel, rest assured that you are not the first parent to feel rejected by your little one.

However you decide to deal with your feelings about the current situation, know that it is not your fault. It’s a quite natural phase that your baby or toddler will eventually outgrow. And hey, don’t we all want a little down time anyways as parents?

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